Learn How the 2005 Ford GT Was Designed From the Man Himself

The 2005-2006 Ford GT has been my absolute favorite car since the day I first pored over it in all the car magazines. I was obsessed over the thing as a kid and I still am. I read every article about its development and watched every video about how it drove. Designer Camilo Pardo and all the engineers were practically idols to me. So I thought I knew everything there was to know about the car. But fifteen years after its introduction, I was proven wrong.

Jay Leno welcomed chief designer Camilo Pardo to his garage and had him walk through the every inch of the car’s design and his experience working on it. Camilo opens up about every little design decision and some of the battles he fought with the engineering team to get it looking just how he wanted. Everything from the name of the car itself to the rear bumper and even the shape of the tachometer is covered in this fascinating video. The 39-minute run time will fly by regardless if you’re as obsessed with the car as I am. Check it out below and try not to have a crisis like I did.

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