I know, I couldn’t believe it either and I’m sure Elon would laugh his ass off if he saw it. The P100D, a car that is incredibly quick altered to run on the power of a Dorito engine! To be fair I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just using a salvaged shell in an attempt to break the internet. Although that doesn’t change the fact that it’s awesome and I love it. Agh yes get a Tesla, they’re so quiet and you’re helping to save the environment! But what if he did the complete opposite of that and made it sound like a wasp trapped in a shaken up Tupperware.

It doesn’t look like too much progress has been made since I can’t find any videos of it being tested. I’m very curious to see how it will perform and if Elon will have anything to Tweet about when he eventually sees it. Are you a fan or is this too far off the rails?

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