Last Call: You’ve never seen a Trailblazer like this

This is a REVCON Trailblazer and it’s amazing. What would be your ideal trip in this monster? On or off road?

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I cleaned off the label on the air compressor. And was happy to find out that it’s an ARB compressor. So I’m pretty sure there’s probably no way that the air Lockers in the axles are none other than a ARB. The 6th picture shows one of the control panels for the Sparton spotlights that are on top. They are pretty cool there’s a switch for off and then setting for flood and spot. And then a joystick switch for up down left and right to control the lights. It appears someone tried probably stealing them at one point. Because the main bolt for both lights were off I noticed that when I was in Texas. But it isn’t too easy after you take it off its post to do anything else. It has strong wiring and a strong base. I’m hoping I can restore these. Not sure if this was done by revcon or not but there’s an inline fuel filter and some stainless an fuel lines for just a small length under the frame. More than likely added by someone. Then again revcon did put superchargers on these lol. Also installed an oil filter I’ve had laying around for many years since there was not one on this engine. #Ford #F350 #Revcon #Motorcoach #Trailblazer #RV #badass #6×6 #4×6 #lockers #PSD #f3 #7point3 #rare #unicorn #custom #OBS #classic #obsford #home #original #PNW #crewcab #tracks #lightbar #overland #EarthRoamer

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