Last Call: Wrecker PTSD Edition

This tow truck has seen some sh*t.
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Image: Tumblr


      1. Absolutely. The micra is the official car of ruined back road hoons as you get stuck behind someone for whom even gentle corners are scary things. Not a bad car, but even among what we in europe call “superminis”, it’s below the middle of the pack. Why buy one when the Fiesta and Mazda2 exist, if you want to settle for a mediocre Renault/Nissan alliance car, buy a Dacia Sandero, at least it’s cheap.
        Also, that truck is awesome and fills me with a strange want.

  1. I know that truck!!! It’s home base is about ten minutes from mine, and I see the truck every time I go to Edmonton/Leduc.

    If anybody wants to see it, it will probably be at the History Road car show at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. It’s been there the past three years I have been.

    Also, I highly recommend History Road. It’s a good sized car show (~500 cars), and takes place this weekend at the best car/tractor/machine museum in Alberta. Any Hoons planning on attending?

      1. Wow! I’ve seen the truck, but didn’t know much about it.

        In one of the posts he mentions it was part of a series (

        I’m 90% sure that that series was “Jake and the Kid” (, as it was filmed locally, and the props were autioned off after.

        My dad, who watched the series, and remembers the auction tells me that the bus this guy also has ( also came from the show.

        Oh and another prop, the town cenotaph ended up with my Rolls-Royce collecting neighbor.

        Basically, this is yard I always look at when going by. There’s always something cool parked in it.

          1. Okay, with your new found knowledge, can you spot it in the opening sequence of “Jake and the Kid”?

            Unfortunately, neither the truck nor the bus are shown. Anybody with time want to comb through YouTube clips for them?


            That’s what I thought.

          2. Why, it’s just a pile of rocks! Looks like a cairn used to find your way on foggy mountains. Wasn’t that it behind the two squabbling clowns who I assume were the show’s comic relief?

          3. Yep, that’s it. Although I don’t know about the comic relief, since I haven’t actually seen the show. I’ve been meaning to get it off of Amazon, just to see some local history.

            Oh, and it also has a plaque on it, commemorating the fictional townspeople “lost” in the World Wars.

        1. So if you are Howards neighbour you’re my neighbour too!
          This is my tow truck, I’m just east of Howards corner on the pavement!

          1. I’ve noticed your yard, as it’s pretty hard for a car guy to miss.

            I live a bit south of you and Howard.

  2. I would drive that cross country! Granted, I would probably hate it after that, but at least I’d have the memory…

    1. You just helped me make up my mind.
      The Mustang is bangy and hot but it’ll be WAY more bangy and hot in a few months. We’re headed east 1000 miles and I was waffling between the Mustang and the comfortable, airconditioned Focus.

        1. It’s new… 2005. It has been transforming to a track car.
          This fall the Brembos and 18×10 wheels go on with slicks. Streetablilty be damned.

  3. Very cool, the lights look like eyes…which reminds me of something: The lights on my Honda seem to detoriate. It feels like they get less bright. Changed the bulbs, checked that they sit as supposed, no fog/condensation or other visible blindness. Same bulbs as in Toyota, which has unchanged light. Fiddled with height adjustment, too. Can’t find a solution. Any ideas?

  4. I can’t be the only one who giggled when they saw “PTSD” in the title and Tumblr as the image source.

  5. I wanna build a rat rod RV, but with tow truck equipment at the rear. People would be so jealous that they would call it a homewrecker.

  6. Sure that truck in the title photo may ride like a Radio Flyer on square wheels but, I’d put it on my daily hoon rotation.

  7. Sweet! Glad you guys like my daily driver!
    I got the truck in trade for a 1981 Escort wagon in 1994, it was on Jake and the Kid in 95-96 (they trashed it and my others cars and bus there) By 2005 we decided to build it and had it rolling right away, had it totally roadworthy by 2008 but due to other things in life it was on hold till 2010 when it was made street legal and I now drive it every day!

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