Last Call- Why Your Bicycle Seat Color Matters Edition

If your hooning extends to two-wheel vehicles with pedals, choosing a contrasting seat color can mean the difference between an enjoyable ride, and getting stopped by the cops for cruising past that elementary school.

Image source: [reddit]


  1. Being that she's Asian, and looks to be Thai, you never know. Lady Boy's are a frightening bunch.
    Threadjack, A guy needs some help getting his car up and running, his story hits home with anyone who's had a tight budget and some issues with a fallen friend. I know I had with my jeep, anyway, if you can help him out, please do.

    1. Hey! Be sure to keep us posted on the progress of that donation fund. I don't spend a lot of time over there anymore, so do your best to keep me in the loop! I think that my 25 puts him close to the 200 mark…I hope he gets to 700!

      1. That's great! The only problem I am having now is that I can't login to comment on the progress. It figures…the one time lately that I want to log on to that site, and I can't. :/

  2. I'm gonna go ahead and say that's all seat.
    If only b/c I want to believe that I didn't just spend the last 45 seconds staring intently at some ladyboy's wang. Similarly, I'd like to be able to claim we're not running some weird kind of ladyboy bike fetish pr0n for the next 12 hours on the site.

  3. Bang, bang Sally
    Sally bangs all day
    Who's gonna bang old Sally,
    When Sally's old and gray?
    Sally has a bicycle
    It's seat is made of glass
    Every time she hits a bump
    The seat goes up her…
    Bang, bang, Sally (etc,)
    Bad drinking song I learned in the Army.

  4. I can totally imagine the photographer saying "Oh yeah…" as he snapped the pic, then moaning "OH NO!!!" when he looked at it on his computer monitor.

  5. I'm gonna go with 'seat', due to there not being any visible fraying in the crotch of those shorts where a hole would be cut, the angle of the dangle (meaning that it hasn't popped out of one leg), the slight difference in tone, and because the shading appears consistent with neither the more-visible-from-a-distance glans of a circumcised penis nor the tip of an uncircumcised one (at least not in a way that can't be explained by shadow).
    I'm sure Charles can provide even more insight, but for now, let's debate whether her (most likely) shirt says "fuck" on it. Probably "lucky", but one can hope.

    1. Why would Charles know anything about it? Is that gal a personal friend of his or something?
      On another note, for some reason comments aren't loading fast enough, and I'm forced to comment as if I had no intensedebate ID. What up with that?

  6. Just when I start realizing that the interwebs only purpose isn't for deviant pr0n and there might actually be useful, fun car blogs on it I see this.

  7. Dear internet,
    Thank you for giving us such convenient means of spreading many various photos from around the world to other various, bored people around the world who have eagle-sharp vision and spot amazing details and then post them on their blog to spread the photos along with their interpretation to even more other people around the world.
    Thank you. No, really, thank you.

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