Last Call: Whipping Edition

They see me rollin’ they be hatin’…
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    1. When it doubt, consult the Dictionary that is Urban. Along with finding out that everything is a sexual reference, you’ll also loose faith in the next generation*.

      Completely avoid the first definition. The second/third ones are the ones that kinda explain this.

      *Full disclosure: I am of the “next” generation, but I refuse to identify with them. This may have to do with communication issues, as they speak a combination of Meme/Acronymspeak, while I only know Carspeak.

      1. I can’t help but picture you shaking your fist at those kids on your lawn. And by those kids, I mean your classmates 😉
        Yep, I was a young curmudgeon once too.

      2. i don’t know how to say it without sounding mean or put-downy, so i’ll just be blunt. your superiority complex is uncharming. there are plenty of “us” millenials who aren’t total garbage – the same proportion, i reckon, as for any other generation.
        the “kids these days” narrative is bullshit, don’t buy into it. you don’t have to change, but quit painting the rest of us with a broad brush.

        1. I’m sorry it came across that way, but I don’t see myself as superior to anyone, especially my generation.

          I just don’t identify with them, and don’t fit in with them. I prefer nostalgia and mechanical things to the futuristic and digital world.

          As to whole “lose faith in the next generation” thing, that was more of a reference to Urban Dictionary, and how, while written generally by young people, doesn’t exactly reflect well upon them.

          And the “‘kids these days’ bullshit” you refer to is actually a time honoured tradition that is carried through the generations. Every generation has had it applied to them, and every generation has applied it to the next.

          I apologize to everybody on Hooniverse if I came off as narcissistic. That’s not who I am, and I attribute that to absence of tone of voice in the digital world.

          1. sorry for being a dick about it, man. i’ve got a chip on my shoulder about this sort of thing, and i don’t know why.

          2. You have every right to have a chip on your shoulder. The way “millennials” are portrayed in pop culture is totally at odds with what I’ve experienced and observed about that cohort, and is mostly focused on negative social traits. 1977ChevyTruck states the sad-but-true fact that every generation suffers derision at the hands of the previous one.
            You can de-fuse it by realizing it’s the same as any other negative behavior, rooted in insecurity. Dogs only bark when they feel threatened. The previous generation will always percieve the next one as a threat, and react badly. There’s also a bit of sour grapes going on, where the previous generation feels a pang of guilt about not making the most of it’s time in the spotlight. It’s like your momma always said, the bullies are just jealous.

    2. You’re not the only one, the rest of us just don’t care. People that know me are dumbfounded that I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts yet I work in IT support. I really don’t understand the need to post the gory details of one’s social life for all the world to see. Our society as a whole seems to have become more and more narcissistic. I prefer to keep my private life private, thank you very much.

      1. Your comment makes me chime in anyway. I want to say I’m 100% agreeing with you, but the narcissism honeypot is everywhere, and a tempting thing. Even the Hooniverse can and probably should be viewed as social network – it’s small enough to remember a few regular’s opinions and tastes; creating expectations and lifting the conversation. See also:
        “The proportion of American teenagers who believe themselves to be “very important” jumped from 12% in 1950 to 80% in 2005. (…) With the rise in self-regard has come an unprecedented yearning for fame. In a survey in 1976, people ranked being famous 15th out of 16 possible life goals. By 2007, 51% of young people said it was one of their principal ambitions. On a recent multiple-choice quiz, nearly twice as many middle-school girls said they would rather be a celebrity’s personal assistant than the president of Harvard University.”

        1. It’s nice to have data that supports my viewpoint, however disappointing that data may be.

    1. Spoiler!
      … aaand Volkswagen won! Looking forward to reading an analysis here, with a lot of pie charts, if I may utter my wishes.

        1. Pie chart with automobile cherries on top (and a center decoration that is probably rendered correctly, but looking ill-perspectived) – this is Last Call, so highly relevant.

  1. I found a picture of my old 1970 F-250 Sport Custom Camper Special! Man, that thing looks like a wreck, don’t it? My old girlf and I took that thing (after replacing the engine with aused 360, not a rebuild) to Burning Man, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Washington, DC and Portland, Maine and then straight back to SF on I-80. That thing was rode hard and put up wet. It’s 26 or 27 years old in this picture; I can’t believe what a sh**can it looks like compared to what good shape my now 24 year old GMC is in.

  2. Last week I saw for the first time a BMW i3 in the metal. It was parked next to a dilapidated old Dodge Caravan with noticeably similar proportions. I just don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of proportions in car design. It’s quite unfortunate that due to its overall shape, this high-tech futuremobile reminds me of a minivan from the late eighties.

    1. Having BMWs opinion emergency service knock on your door in 3…2…1
      But, yeah, the “knack” between B and C pillar probably exists to disguise what this is all about. The best part of the i3 is the interior imho, with the light birch wood.

      1. Oh man, if they had one of those, the Bangle butts would never have happened.
        “Very thin” wheels is right. I think we’ll be seeing more of this as demands for fuel economy increase. These are probably the same width as whatever tires a Geo Metro ran, only they’re twice as tell. It’s a unique look.

    1. That looks really cool.

      Is there an English version? Google Translate seems to have given up on me, not that it really works alll that well on long documents anyway…

        1. Those are some big jack stands!
          Also, WHY do I ever bother to read Gawker comment threads?!

        2. Found it via a German news site…and get back to Gawker anyway. Ah, the centrifugal powers of the internet!

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