Last Call: Where the Hellcats roam freely

Spotting a Hellcat in the wild isn’t easy. They’re fast but they also blend fairly easily with the non-Hellcat creatures. Thankfully, at the Sandy Point State Reservation on Plum Island, in Massachusetts, there is a Hellcat sanctuary. I went there in hopes of spotting these powerful creatures but sadly, I didn’t see any. Perhaps they’re nocturnal? Perhaps I should have brought some burnt tire scent to get them to come put? I just don’t know… but I am happy that they have a safe space to call home.

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  1. The no beach access sign is for the hellcat equipped Jeeps. Just point them back to the mall parking lots from whence they came.

  2. How about “What animal name should be given to an automobile, but hasn’t been yet?” You’ve met the Hellcat, now meet the Wildebeast.

  3. The no beach access sign is for the hellcat equipped Jeeps. Just point them back to the mall parking lots from whence they came.

    1. Plus the other parts of the sign seem pretty right too:
      Hard park
      Walk around
      Look at the other Hellcats
      Talk shit

  4. No tire marks on the pavement, I call bullshit.

    Hellcat Chargers are enticingly priced these days. A 700+ HP sedan capable of 200 mph for less than a mid-level Tahoe. Why don’t I already have one?

      1. I don’t mind boats so much. An SS would have been a contender for sure, but I always had the nagging feeling that they weren’t really supported enough. I’ve already heard reports of part shortages/unavailability here in the states. I’ve been wishing for Ford to make a four door on the Mustang platform for years, but sedans aren’t happening anymore.

        1. Sorry I thought you had one, must have been thinking of someone else.

          I’m sure that there are issues getting parts for Commodores already here in Australia too, and for late model stuff too. Go GM! At least with automotive you know someone in the aftermarket will step up, but I agree why give yourself the heartache.

  5. Today was a glorious driving day. Convinced my wife to shirk half a work day and go skiing with me, then, after picking up the kids from school and keeping them and their friends happy, I visited some friends at their boat house. All the while taking photos of a certain black vehicle that looks like a Volga on steroids. Glorious indeed.

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