Last Call: When they say angle, they mean it

When I saw this, it not only made me sad that Formula Drift’s Long Beach event (the closest to me) was canceled this year, it also reminded me of just how much front end control the drivers can get out of their cars. I mean that wheel is almost perpendicular to the direction the car is facing. It seems illogical to think that this would be a good thing when in reality it allows them to make some insane turns as you can see in the third picture.

Secondly, it’s cool to see an A90 being used as a genuine drift car. The mk4 has been used along with the 2jz for years so I like that there will be more variety. It also gets me even more excited for the new Z because we know for a fact that there will be someone giving it the same treatment on day one.

Have you been to a pro drift event? If not, you seriously need to asap!

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My name is Colby Buchanan and I love all things car-related all the way from rusted 240sx's to McLaren Senna's and of course I have a soft spot for American Muscle. You can spot me in my bone stock '06 350z named MackenZ.


  1. Battlescars: That Will Buff Out Edition.
    Evidently when I extracted myself from under the Africa Twin after it’s first wipeout I dragged some of the dirt road along the tank and made a mess of the Carnauba Wax I’d applied earlier in the month. A few moments with a Cyclo polisher and some rubbing compound left just enough damage to keep that casual yeah-my-bike-knows-what-a-dirt-road-is appearance.

  2. Talking about angles: Our Camry was delivered to tech inspection this morning. Turns out that every bolt but one holding the rear axle has rusted and broken off. That’s the “rumbling” my wife heard, and which we assumed was the exhaust. Oops.

    Tech inspection result: Vehicle operating license retracted.

      1. Most definitely! I only went to the office today because I had booked this appointment thinking autumn vacation would be next week. Lucky we didn’t take the family up switchbacks in this wreck. And an incentive to get the Centennial going again tomorrow…

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