Last Call: Whats the funniest sticker you have seen on a vehicle?

I spotted this great sticker on one of the Dick Johnson Racing Ford Mustang Supercars during the weekend’s coverage of racing from Hidden Valley in Australia. It gave me a good laugh and also got me thinking; what’s the best sticker you have ever seen on a car, truck, or race car?

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  1. Always been a fan of those blank button stickers showing random James Bond features. But I’ve never actually put any sticker on any of my cars. Guess I haven’t met the right one yet…

      1. The packing material IS the funny sticker. It’s like Minnie Pearl wearing the price tag on her hat.

        The photoshop was just one of thousands of memes it has generated.

  2. The two best bumper stickers from days of yore were a “See America get lost on a rally” on a BMW dealer’s loaner car in the early 70s and in the late 80s a clapped out VW Rabbit piloted by a couple of Latinos with a bumper sticker “No mas fahrvergnugen”

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