Last Call – Wanted Dead or Alive Edition

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.

Someday, when I look back on my life for the inevitable cable television documentary on A&E/Discovery/Court TV/VH1’s “Hey, Remember the ‘00s?” series, I’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment that changed my life: when I discovered that you can mount a gun rack on a motorcycle. Combining two manly and unhealthy things in a way that bacon and ice cream just can’t match.
But hey, this is the sort of cheesy lone-wolf Wild West cowboy posturing that so befuddles Europeans and guarantees the continuing success of the Three Wolf Moon shirt. As such, we’ll humor the owner with what is presumably his theme song, announcing his arrival at every Flying J in the tri-state area.

[Hat tip to LongRoofian! Also, if you’re in law enforcement this is what you get to play with. Color me jealous.]


  1. looks like something the cartoon bullets in "who framed roger rabbit" would cruse around on.

  2. It shouldn't be too surprising that a guy here in Tombstone built a bike with pretty much the same theme, but I don't think it came with a stainless steel single action Colt (it might be a Ruger Vaquero, like the one I have). I do remember the saddle being custom built by our local gunleather shop, and the bike as a whole was a pretty well put together chopper. The guy is a buddy of mine, and knows his stuff.

  3. A theme song for riding a motorcycle? That's gotta be the one that starts:
    "I don't want a pickle, just want to ride on my motorsickle…"
    that Arlo wrote. I mean, it's just common sense.

    1. but is the squad car driven by a four foot cop with a five foot gun?
      "A cop that one time musta been around six foot three
      But was met at the bottom of a mountain
      By a flyin’, singin’ writin’ weirdo freak"

  4. Hey, what about bacon ice cream… for BREAKFAST!?
    So does the shotgun mount on the cop bike seem like a good way to suddenly stop yourself or bend your tactical shotgun? Also, a bit inconvenient. Why not mount it saddle mount?

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