Last Call- Two Syllables, Sounds Like Edition


Back in the day, a shaving cream company used a clever marketing gimmick to sell their product- a series of roadside signs that told a little story in rhyme, always ending with the brand name as coda- Burma Shave.

The government of South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission seems to have taken that concept to heart, offering up a similarly amusing road sign advocating safe driving, albeit using a modestly implied crudity that Burma Shave likely never would have considered.

Image source: Imgur


  1. All road signs should be refuses and pictograms. Those beer bottle caps never steered me wrong.

      1. Right you are, though I'm partial to Little Kings in a 40. I was thinking more of the fine potables of Falstaff Brewing.

  2. I hope there are more with, say, a hydraulic jack and a donkey, or a rooster and a lollipop.

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