Last Call- Twitter-Plated Edition

Not necessarily ROFL, but LOL none-the-less.
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  1. Thrashy Avatar

    …There are people who still listen to relient K?

    1. ptschett Avatar

      I'm afraid so. I even have 5 of their 6 studio albums (though I hated #3, didn't find much redeeming about #4, and can't explain why I own #5.)
      (You want really weird, I still even listen to Sixpence None The Richer… specifically two albums (particularly "This Beautiful Mess" ) and an EP from before they made it big with that darn "Kiss Me" song.)

    2. ptschett Avatar

      *hoonnibbles is hungry today!*

    3. Queenie Avatar

      Wow! That’s a really neat awsnre!

  2. west_coaster Avatar

    More like LQTM (Laughing Quietly To Myself, which is really what you're doing when you see something mildy funny on the web, in an e-mail or text).

  3. Alff Avatar

    So I'm surfing ebay motors for other makes. Within 250 miles of the automotive cultural wasteland that is Kansas City, I find one Bricklin needing … everything, a Citicar whose ancient batteries wouldn't get me to work much less home again and a dozen late model Dodge Rams whose seller didn't know how to populate the "make" field.
    Extending my range to 500 miles yields a late 80's Corolla Liftback powered by a 454. The description includes the following…
    "It still has its original rear end, center drop out center with 4.10 gears, with to 13 inch tires it only goes about 65 at 4000 rpms, but it gets there in about 4 seconds, NOT FREEWAY DRIVABLE NOW. Its ready for some rear end changes, or the next thing we were going to do was find higher gears out of another car and put tall 14s on it, but it is fully drivable as is. Working lights, turn siginals, brake lights, etc.
    Very dependable.
    We had our fun, now its your turn"
    Respond if you want the link, after a suitable cooling down period.

    1. smokyburnout Avatar

      Link appears to be right where REDACTED found it two months ago. Surprised he's having trouble selling it.
      Didn't notice the radiator cap-hole in the hood the first time…

    2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      Where did you find the citycar? I was trolling CL last night and found a surpising number of v8 powered MG's

      1. Alff Avatar
        "Holt's Summit, MO"
        If you buy it, don't blame me.

  4. coupeZ600 Avatar

    Not quite on topic (that's what Last Call is for!) I don't know if you Scion owners get these, but I hate it when people leave notes on the windshield of my 145.
    "If you want to sell this (for a nice price) call me at #######."
    I always think, "Do you think I'm such a dumb-ass that I can't figure out how to put a "For Sale" sign on my car?

    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      I can't remember are you in the Slacktivist group, could be related.

    2. Lotte Avatar

      What? Hate? People leaving notes on your car probably means they really admire it! So much so that they stopped what they were doing, wrote you a note and offered you money. They probably also know that it's in vain, but I think that's kinda nice knowing that not everyone is looking for the next new car with bigger everything with power this-and-that and is actually appreciating the interesting cars around the area. I think that's kinda cute; certainly would put a smile on my face to see such a note on my car…
      (I assume it's a Volvo 145, right?)

      1. Black Steelies Avatar

        Yes personally I would take such a note as a compliment before a slight against my intelligence.
        I've never had notes on my car though, people tend to walk right up and ask.

      2. coupeZ600 Avatar

        Hey! I'm not saying I don't like people leaving notes on my car (which happens all the time, and I've left a few on other cars myself), it's the one's that are asking if I, "…might want to get rid of it." or worse, the old, "I'd be willing to take this off your hands,,," like it's some kind of old, horrible, parasite that I can't shake, and for fifty bucks (or less) they'll take that old piece of shit and do me some kind of altruistic favor.
        Why did I wax it, wash the wheels, and buff out the tires if I thought it was a turd?

        1. Maymar Avatar

          This is total conjecture, but is there any chance they're guessing that if it's a really clean old Volvo, the driver could be a senior citizen, and one who might be on the fence if they really want to be driving anymore? I'm not sure that makes it any better, but it could be one explanation.

          1. coupeZ600 Avatar

            I'll buy that, but it's still like they're trying to take advantage of someone. I mean, does this look like someone doesn't absolutely love this car?
            <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

      3. coupeZ600 Avatar

        @ Lotte: Thanks for calling me out on my casual use of the H-Word, I was really drunk at the time, but that is no excuse.
        My Pa was a Vet of WWII, and he got real upset when us kids used that word.
        "Goddamit', you little maggots,.. You don't HATE anything…, not even HITLER!!!! Only BAD people Hate!!!!"
        It's funny that now that I have kids, I use that line every time I hear that word, and while parents nod their heads (when I leave out the preamble), kids have no idea who this Hitler guy was, except he must have really sucked.

        1. Lotte Avatar

          Bah, don't worry about that; I was thinking about the severity of the word, more along the lines of "H*te? It should be Love!" It seems you're in a weird predicament; I doubt people would leave notes on a beige '03 Accord so I don't know. But whatever their motive, they want your car. Well, I guess you can just revel in the fact that they can't have it 😉

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