At this point, I feel obligated to show the people things they’ve never seen before, even if it makes them mad knowing it exists. Today’s special serving of that is @cam.clutch ‘s widebody Lotus Evora. It’s been a project of his for a while now and he just added a massive wing to the back. Complete with air ride suspension it is definitely unique, that’s for sure. While it is still far from finished, it’s really starting to take shape. And even though it might look a little rough right now I’m sure once the wrap is on it will completely transform it.

I’m excited to see what he does for the wrap since his last car had a gorgeous white marble design with bits of gold in it. It would look great on the Lotus too but I’m sure he wants to try something different. What do you think about it? Is it too far off the path, or so far off that it’s piqued your interest?

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