Last Call: The most alpha move is to have people pay you to lose

Sure you could win money, ya known, winning the race, but what about making money from losing? This guy is willing to lose so you look cool in front of all your peers for $250! Sure your own personal ego might be thrashed because of what you just did but if you can see past that then you’re good!

I love how he adds that for an extra $25 he’ll even talk sh!t on video. To be fair, I’d say it’s impressive for most cars to say you smoked a 1LE Camaro. Would you ever pay to win?

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My name is Colby Buchanan and I love all things car-related all the way from rusted 240sx's to McLaren Senna's and of course I have a soft spot for American Muscle. You can spot me in my bone stock '06 350z named MackenZ.


  1. I don’t need his $250. I can beat him with Kia Soul. It’s capable of taking that car all day long.
    /flexes hard

  2. I’m particularly ashamed to be a part of the culture that produces:
    1. the type of opportunist that would place such an ad, and
    2. the type of insecure idiot that would respond to it.

    I shake my head so much these days, I stay dizzy most of the time.

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