Last Call: The Lotus Evija configurator is insanely realistic

The new Lotus Evija is certainly a looker. But what else do you get for $2 million dollars outside of 2,000 hp? Well, for one thing, you get to design it yourself essentially. Lotus has created a program that lets you try out different paints, wheels, just like in a Forza game. But based on this video, this thing is ultra-realistic! I guess it’s a theme this week to be amazed by our technology but it really is crazy what we can do nowadays. Something so simple as buying a car (granted its $million) gets something so complicated to go with it. What do you guys think?

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My name is Colby Buchanan and I love all things car-related all the way from rusted 240sx's to McLaren Senna's and of course I have a soft spot for American Muscle. You can spot me in my bone stock '06 350z named MackenZ.


  1. This is it? I’d spend a fortune (to you, not to me) on a car and all you give me is a web page that’s accessible to the plebs, too? Come on, make me feel special. Send a guy over with a catalog of cloth samples, a couple of Pantone fans, and some paint samples on what I think is ergonomically shaped computer mice. For the bezels I’ll take some burly wood from one of my forests, thank you.

  2. Best I can tell you the configurator itself hasn’t been revealed but a video of the configurator.

    If I’m dropping a couple million dollars on a car I’d sure hope that I’d get an immersive and extravagant buying experience.

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