Last Call: The Hero We Didn't Deserve Edition

This week, as you all have already heard, Lenny B. Robinson, better known as Route 29 Batman died when he was hit by a car while broken down by the side of Route 70 outside of Hagerstown MD. A family who had just witnessed his kindness and generosity at a near-by gas station also saw the accident happen.
Robinson spent thousands out of his own pocket, and his time, to bring joy and happiness to sick children in the area hospitals in the persona of the Caped Crusader. He was a good guy.
Let me just say this: Eff bad things happening to good people.
Rest in peace Mr. Robinson, and for all of you out there, stay safe this weekend.
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Image: The Washington Post

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11 responses to “Last Call: The Hero We Didn't Deserve Edition”

  1. Guest Avatar

    So, have any of you seen “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”?

    I just did. I won’t tell you about it. I’ll just show you a picture and video from the fist few minutes.

    Tell me you don’t want to see it, and I’ll ask for your resignation as a Hoon.

    1. theskitter Avatar

      Glad to hear that was preserved.
      When we first saw that, I thought it was being made into a TV show.
      So I was a little confused when I started seeing ads for the movie.
      Ready to get my stupid summer movie quotient.
      Hoping it’s a return to Matthew Vaughn-era form.

    2. Vairship Avatar

      I’m going to assume that’s the Trabant GTi 😉

  2. Jofes2 Avatar

    I had a ride in this last wednesday.
    Home made body and frame, 1988 Range Rover V8 engine, Volvo gearbox, Volvo chassis and some other Volvo bits for those of you who are interested.
    The silvery switch is for the indicators, labeled “This way” and “That way”. The big black industrial-derived switch is for the instrument lighting.
    And finally, due to restrictions, the fuel cap can’t be inside the trunk, but the owner didn’t want to make a hole for it in the body, so now it comes out of the trunk on a hose.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    Sad news about Mr Batman. The story has had a lot of coverage way out here in NZ. I can’t imagine the loss felt locally.

  4. JayP Avatar

    So the Challenger lease was a bust.
    A few things were a bit squirrely. New car had almost 2000 miles, Door panels scratched and the engine bay was filthy. Went to negotiate, the offer for trade in was less than what I had received from several sight-unseen online offers. Also, my online calculations didn’t include all the dealer added crap like $300 tint, some device that makes the 3rd brake light flash… I walked out when they scoffed at my low ball.
    So Plan B- checking out an older, low mile Crown Vic today.

  5. MattC Avatar

    He is from my hometown and I really hate to hear that this happened to him. Baltimore has a lot to be ashamed of lately, Mr. Robinson is/was however a shining Baltimore based example of a person who worked hard, made money and had no problem spending it to make sick kids smile. His family was supportive and even his son would pull duty serving as Robin. He will be truly missed.

  6. Bret Avatar

    This is profoundly sad. He was a rare guy going out of his way to be awesome and make sick kids smile.
    It is our duty as cars enthusiasts to make kids smile when they see our cool cars. This goes for older folks too. I have had countless encounters while out in the Healey where older folks recounted memories of brothers or uncles who “had a car just like that”.

    1. ninjabortion Avatar

      Agreed. I don’t go to car shows for trophies, i go for the smiles. Mine isn’t the nicest on earth but people seem to like it anyway. I wish i had a camera rolling when I pulled into the last one. Some kid just said DANNNNNGGGGG as i drove past, it was hilarious.

  7. DClan Avatar

    Goodbye Lenny, you may not have been a crime fighter, but you had the heart of a hero. I live in Pa., about an hour north of your stomping grounds, and stories of your efforts and kindness were commonly shared here. I cannot fathom the depth of the hole your passing will leave behind. You will be remembered.

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