Last Call: Squiggly Double Yellows Edition

It’s finally spring! The streets around my Boston neighborhood are finally getting cleaned up. Last Tuesday night, the double yellow lines were repainted. And, well… yeah.

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  1. I mean, I think my alcohol consumption went up during COVID and lockdowns and such too, but I just drive a desk for work…

  2. One day before class, I went to the college bookstore to buy some blue books for an exam. While I was shopping, a striping crew came by, and painted the road including right in front of the only egress from the parking lot. I waited a few minutes in an attempt to let the paint dry, but I DID need to get to class, and couldn’t wait any longer. My tires threw some yellow paint on the fenders, and I never did figure out how to clean it off without messing up the car’s finish.

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