I’m not sure who at BMW is approving all these design choices but someone needs to put them in a time out. We’ve all seen the new M3/M4 front end so I won’t go too deep on that. But as if we weren’t upset about that they went and gave us this trapezoid exhaust. If your car looks anything like this then I’m sorry but now you can’t look at it from the front or the back. But hey, at least you still have that side profile right? The wing is nice and the wheels we’ve seen before but overall it’s hard to appreciate.

The old front end on the manual M3 wagon would be enough to blow people away but I guess they had to do something polarizing didn’t they? I hope that they listen to the massive amount of feedback that the car community is giving them and make some adjustments for next year. Will they listen? Probably not, so I won’t be holding my breath. Let’s just assume it has a great sound.

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