Last Call: Some Assembly Required Edition

Everybody loves VW’s utilitarian Doka, but did you know that you that they came in DIY form? Me Neither. The only problem would be that the instructions would inevitably blow away in the wind, and you’d get too high from the glue fumes to finish putting it together.
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  1. The trouble with buying kits that have been unpacked is that it’s hard to tell if there are any pieces missing.
    And the tyres have always been put on the wheels.

    1. Well, knowing the story in front of me I don’t think I’ll be pursuing the story behind it. 90% of the chrome, yes, except the grille. No visible interior, curiously shy of showing the right side, planning to put in a Big Block Chevy means the small block is probably gone.
      Parts car.

  2. Last Christmas, I organised a ’71 1800ES steering wheel to fix on the wall for my little boy. It needed some work first. In between painting the house, keeping everything else in shape, ordinary work and whatever keeps one busy, I finally finished the process of fixing the wheel. It needs a respray in black and then…well…how do I mount it to a wall in a somewhat smart way? The inner ring is probably supposed to come off, but I haven’t yet managed to make it move.

      1. Thanks for doing my googling, hehe. I guess I just have to get off the inner ring somehow in any case. Off to work…in a couple of months.

  3. A coworker has a 1997 (I think) 318i that I can buy for under $1,000. 240K miles, well maintained, needs a clutch. I’m going to need something in 6 months or so when I pass the Mazda3 down to my daughter.
    Someone talk me into or out of it.

    1. In: Fun handling, decent mileage, easy to work on, 4 doors for more ready stowage, feels more modern than an E30, the A/C system probably still works, presently E36s are very cheap.
      Out: Underpowered, M42/44 engines have some weak points (cylinder head, timing case, cooling system is a maintenance part & this one should be a 44 if it’s a ’97), it’s a 4 door, it probably needs some suspension refreshing, bad E36 interior build quality, it’s not a 318ti, it’s not an E30, presently E36s are very cheap.

        1. Oh, that makes it an even better deal. 318ti(s) use an E36 front suspension and more or less E30 rear end. They have a dashboard that’s more E30 than E36, and I think they are one of the best all round 3-series ever made. Imagine it as an A2 GTI that’s RWD. 318ti(s) also came with some neat cloth interiors!
          In total, it’s a fairly simple, highly practical car, maybe even one of the best sporty cars of the ’90s. If you do get the car be sure to remember that it has a semi-trailing arm rear suspension and can be a bit snappy at high load when you are getting used to the dynamics.

          1. I bought it, it comes home tomorrow. And “under $1000” turned out to be $500. I’m thrilled and a bit apprehensive as to what I’ve gotten myself into.
            Oh, and it’s got leather seats, or at least “not cloth”.

          2. Neat! I’d imagine that you’ll really enjoy it. Be sure to treat the cooling system as a wear item and maintain it well as the M42/44 engine you have is somewhat prone to crack between coolant passages and valve seats of cylinders 2/3.
            Don’t let that discourage you of course. I picked up my 318i 5+ years ago with a cracked head, fixed it and have been flogging it on a more or less daily basis for all that time with only regular maintenance!

          3. I did enjoy it, briefly. The jerky start turned out to be a broken differential cover at the mount and it broke loose last night and started making a heck of a racket. Diff dropped about 3″-4″. A new diff cover & bushing will fix it, but it’s laid up until I can get the parts.
            Check last call for the past couple of days for pictures.

  4. saw a beautiful GTV6 Alfa this afternoon, cute as hell girl driving it, just had to stop and have a good look, she noticed and maybe thought i was smiling at her….actually i was smiling at the noise her poor old Alfa was making…never knew they made them with a diesel engine, sounded like it was not long for this world. body was in stunning condition though, absolutely no rust that i could see

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