Last Call: Skate, Never Be Bored Edition

The quest for speed and exhilaration takes us to many strange and beautiful places. These skaters have found one of the strangest and most eerily beautiful places (bigger version here) to make some speed at the abandoned Kibuts Kalia Atraktzia water park near the Dead Sea in Israel. Did you ever ride a board as a kid? What was your favorite place to test its – and your – limits?
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged. 
Image:  SamualPartaix


  1. So silent here, so I’ll go offroad/-topic here: Found this article yesterday, a 7000km road test of four very rugged SUVs available in Russia. I’m in a very early phase of learning Russian, and reading this with Google Translate is a real challenge for my ability to concentrate. But there are good photos:

      1. Strange use of a Volvo dealership. Got to admit that I still use minutes to decipher cyrillic letters. My wife gave me a Russian course as a birthday gift and I have good friends that teach Russian at university. But between work, kids, painting the house etc progress is ridiculously slow…

        1. On the way to the location of their video shoot, their Jaguar broke down – right outside a Volvo dealership. A deal was quickly struck…

      2. I’ll admit that I try to puzzle out written Cyrillic text when I see it. …But on the other hand, my Germans-from-Russia paternal ancestors weren’t sufficiently attached to the place to bother with the language when the czars forced conscription upon them (against their religion) and they left southern Ukraine for southern Dakota Territory around 1874, so I can’t justify much effort into the Russian language now.

        1. I’m a bit closer, only a few hours drive away from Russia. My paternal ancestors also came from Russia, after having started from Scotland and ending up in Russia via Germany and Ukraine. Though instead of America they came to Finland in 1860.

          1. Even though it’s confusing, some would say it is an easy escape from the odd nicks of Russian politics:

      1. bloody disqus not letting me log in again.. Anyway, i think it’ s UAZ Patriot, Tagaz Tiger, Lada Niva, and Great Wall Hover.

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