Last Call- Simplicity Edition


In school you probably learned that truth is beauty and hence beauty is truth. Truth be told there’s something equally beautiful about simplicity, and it doesn’t get much simpler that this brutally parsimonious custom Harley, the del Rey. Get more simple here.

Image source: Pipeburn


      1. Well, 18 is two elfs in Swahili………this is Ford GT 18 with number 18 and 3 times the word 18.

  1. Hmmm…rigid frame, no seat pad, minimal springs under the seat pan, and that seat to footpegs geometry? I would want quicker steering than that beast has–just to have some chance of avoiding even the smallest bump in the road. My spine is no longer up to it.

  2. But seriously,no rear suspension? The bike as art, something to look at but not to use.
    Like so many Harleys, a wanker bike.

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