Last Call- Seatbelts Save Lives? Edition

That’s Hans Hermann crouched down there, underneath the flipping car- the flipping car that, until just moments before this photo was taken, he was piloting. The crash, at the 1959 AVUS F1 race, was caused by failure of the brakes on Hermann’s BRM. Amazingly, he walked away from the accident with only minor bumps and bruises.

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  1. It's not the lack of belts that saved him – it was the sheer unfettered mass of his balls calmly planting him to pavement as everything went to hell.
    Of course, considering the apparent incoming trajectory of the car, that photographer could probably throw down as well where nut size is concerned.

  2. Well, the car doesn't appear to have any sort of roll hoop, so I'm not sure strapping yourself to such a machine would be a good thing.
    Also, a 1959 BRM would be too old to have the 1.5L V16 but too new to have the 3.0L H16 🙁 .

    1. Also, I don't think I've ever looked at the hard stats for the V16 – abso-freaking-lutely amazing. 12000 RPM, 600 HP, from 1.5L in 1951!!!!!!!! That's unbelievable.

      1. The funny thing is, if they built a larger, naturally aspirated engine (Ferrari's was 4.5L), maybe they could've had the reliability to win a race or two but nobody would remember them now.

  3. What's that thing on the left, a rolling gasoline tank? If this calamity had been aimed just a yard or two in that direction, this photo would be just that more dramatic, and I doubt that neither the photographer nor the driver would have been so lucky.

  4. Wow, to the power of yikes. Is that a chair on the left for someone to man the fire extinguisher? Looks like the photographer stood his ground but that guy might .. not have.

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