Last Call- That's How We Roll Edition


The old saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That must not also apply to old Rangers as this one obviously learned how to roll over. I guess it’s to the owner’s advantage that it also didn’t learn how to play dead.

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  1. Obligatory- That'll buff out.
    My Ranger has almost 200,000 miles on it, 120k by me. Except for the unneeded head gasket replace, it had been pretty drama free. Parts are available at Autozone, 15" Goodyear Wrangler tires are cheap at Walmart and pegging just over 24mpg driving like a dipsh-t. Spent 8 hours 2 weekends ago replacing the ball joints, swaybar end links and shocks. They don't make 'em like they used to.
    <img src="; width="450">

    1. It really makes you wonder what Ford was smoking to not update this much loved automobile. Worst decision they've made in the last 10 years.

      1. I was hoping for a last hurrah for the Ranger would be stuffing the 300hp 3.7 V6 in there.
        Or as least an ecoboost4.
        Turned out to be a white extended cab built for Orkin.

        1. Which was pretty much their only paying customer left. Still, shame to see it go. The global Ranger is ugly as sin, but it would sell over here. I think they'll have to react when GM brings the Colorado over here.

        2. I was hoping the same thing. They should've also made a US version with of the crew cab.
          Also, I'm on my phone and I accidentally downvoted you. I feel terrible. Consider yourself +2 over whatever you're at. They need to make it like Disqus where you can undo your vote.

        3. I dislike Fords and am not a fan of the Ranger either. That said, respect and another + vote to offset Bob's typo.

  2. This is why man invented ratchet straps and bottle jacks.
    Though I don't think that has the structural integrity of the Volvo 240 sedan I had the pleasure of helping a friend straighten the roof on after a rollover. What still blows my mind, is he rolled several times at 60mph+ into some farmer's field, yet the only damage was the passenger A-pillar bending inward ~1" at the top. And the side mirrors got lunched, of course. Didn't even crack the windshield. O_o
    Wish I could dig up the picture of it laying on its side, wrapped in barbed wire, 6" deep in mud mainly composed of cow patties the morning after.
    Pretty sure that $200 pos is still puttering around, leaving a fine mist of oil in its wake, three years later.

    1. A friend put his 245 upside down into a ditch without doing any noticeable damage. The tow monkeys who hauled it out were a different story.

      1. The still mildly pissed off farmer used towing chains and his Cat 30 to pull it onto all four wheels the next morning. We just stood nearby in gaiters, up to our ankles in cow shit while getting soaked by the cold drizzle, and watched. Somehow the car drove out of the field under its own power, after I gave it a shove.
        Still hasn't repaid me for that.

  3. At this point, this truck just needs a sawzall, a wide-tube 8-pt roll cage, and a plexiglass windshield ziptied into place.
    Good to go for another 500k.

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