Last Call: Reverse Psychology Edition

I like my peanut butter and jelly inside my bread, my superheroes not conflicted, and most certainly I prefer my roads over my aqueducts. Because of that, this is really freaking me out.
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      1. Whether every problem is a screw or a nail depends on whether you’re a screwdriver or a hammer.

  1. Remember the picture of the kid that was in the “how to embed a photo” thread? It turns out his name is Sam Griner, he’s now eight years old, and his mom started a Gofundme campaign because his family needs some money so Sam’s dad (Justin Griner) can get a kidney transplant (to cover the 20 percent not paid for by insurance):

  2. T-48 hrs until the great florida road trip. Got everything repaired/installed except the air conditioner, as there’s a sizeable hole in the rear condenser. I’m not going to be able to re-re it tomorrow, so driving to key west with no AC, just like the pioneers.

      1. I’ll keep you in mind. We’re doing the right side this time, but we normally stay on the left coast.

    1. Could you by-pass or block-off the rear condenser after a trip to the plumbing section? It might be better to have some AC. Have a great trip, my parents took me on a bunch without AC, and I took my sons too without AC.

  3. …on the bright side, there has to be some chance that the food is better than in that McDonald’s that spans the bridge across some turnpike in Oklahoma. (The first and last time I drove under that thing were both in the 1990’s, and I still feel a bit weirded-out about it.)

    1. They have those in a number of places on IL tollways, most of them go over the road (DeKalb is off to the side) but they are more than just McD. The best part is that Volo auto museum puts cars on display inside pretty regularly. I’ve seen a Mach 5 and Mystery Machine. Also the sign by the restrooms have a very Volvo 360 looking car depicted on them.

  4. Saw something I had to share today. I was driving down the road today past a gravel lot that is off the side of a main road all by itself. It used to be the site of a coal chute of which a lot remains. Sitting in the lot was an old car carrier half loaded with 80’s-90’s Toyota pickups, they were putting one on and another was sitting near by. I’m betting they are heading to CA, not sure if it is to sell them there or they will be exported. I’m guessing the former otherwise they could just ship them out of Seattle.
    A couple of years ago when traveling through OR on the way to CA I passed a number of 80’s-90’s Toyota pickups using a tow bar to drag another one south. A couple sets of them were running in convoy and going really really slow up the passes. Coming back the next week I saw the same thing.
    I guess they have picked over all the ones left in OR and are getting them from WA now and earned enough money to get an old car carrier and tractor.

    1. Both of my mom’s old 4Runners were sold (in Maine) to people who made money taking them to South America. One guy bought one and didn’t even know how to drive a stick. I’m guessing this car carrier was part of that trade.

      1. Norway’s chock full of Hiaces (Toyota added a Norway-only production run of 4WD diesel Hiaces after the death of the series was announced, resulting in a handymen-and-public-works-outcry in the north).
        Used, they also seem to have a baseline price, no matter the condition, due to exports to Africa and the Arab countries.
        A friend of mine was looking for a utility car and had his eyes on Peugeot. I checked comparable prices for Toyotas, and one would have to accept 8 years older vehicles for the same investment! Recommended a Ford Transit/T Connect instead.

    1. The tunnel has been planned for ages…not entirely sure it will be build any time. It is a massive project though.

      1. In the lede photo, they tried to build a yacht tunnel first, but it kept filling up with water. Now it’s only used by luxury and military submarines. Non-conspicuous stealth consumption, and all.

  5. Has anybody else read Gidget, the original 1957 novel? I picked it up on a whim, and it’s a legitimately good read. Never having lived near the ocean, my knowledge and interest in surfing is minimal. So, all I knew about Gidget was Sandra Dee’s cheesiness and the endless string of equally hokey sequels. But the book is interesting, authentic, and — as much as possible when the narrator is a 15-year old — mature.

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