When you think of rally, Finland is probably one of the first places you imagine. Whether it be during the classic group B era or modern-day, it has always been the best in my opinion. There’s something about the scenery that makes the cars flying through the air seem so majestic. Although, one could argue that cars flying hundreds of feet isn’t just awesome no matter where it is and you wouldn’t be wrong.

If you aren’t really a rally type of person it’s really an interesting motorsport to get in to. They make it look so easy (as most drivers do) but when you see the inside the car POV you really get a feel of how crazy it is. Going full throttle blindly around a 45-degree corner with your steering input based solely off the notes of your co-driver just sounds insane. But that’s the level of trust and synergy that you need to win. Rally Finland is easily at the top of my list of places to travel in the future and it should definitely be on yours if it isn’t already.

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