Last Call- Rainbow Connection Edition

Yesterday in LA, the skies turned an ugly bruise color, and they unleashed a ten-women scorned’s worth of of watery wrath, which made the highways treacherous. And when it was over, for some reason, I was craving Lucky Charms.

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  1. Benito Avatar
    And someday we'll find it.
    the rainbow connection
    the lovers,
    the dreamers,
    and me,

    1. Impalamino Avatar

      Seeing this image as an adult has made me ponder a few things:
      1) The Muppets were rocking a mildly rare Stude.
      2) Fozzy and Kermit may have just been joined in a civil union.
      3) I think I caught a contact looking at that car.

      1. skitter Avatar

        I don't know how to thank you guys!

        I don't know why we should thank you guys.

    2. From_a_Buick_6 Avatar

      Ah, a bear in his natural habitat…a Studebaker.

  2. Ruthless if u let me Avatar

    I love what the rain has done to the hillsides in my neck of LA: lots of green! I did see 3 accidents on my 3 mile drive home yesterday though, including one minivan through a brick wall.

    1. Møbius Avatar

      A rainbow for every storm.

  3. njhoon Avatar

    The skies opened up here in a similar fashion but it hasn't stopped yet.

  4. rwb Avatar

    Awww, it rained in LA. Booooo fuckin hoo.

  5. jjd241 Avatar


  6. coupeZ600 Avatar

    I was somewhat amused when I heard on the national news about the "Blizzard Of The Century!" that they pulled all the Plows back in because of the "white-out" conditions. What you do in a Snow-Plow during a "white-out" is exactly what you do in a car, you slow the f*ck down. The big difference is that when in a car, the snow seems to come directly at you and your lights, whereas in a Truck you are higher and look at the snow at a more 90 degree angle, and your lights are 10 feet away instead of right at your feet so you get a lot more perspective. In fourteen years of driving a Snow-Plow, I've only experienced two bona-fide white-outs, and I did just what you're supposed to do- I stopped. Conditions eventually improved, and I went back to work. While I can understand why some drivers get wigged at near white-out conditions, I love it when you're driving and have to feel the road and the cars around you. Driving becomes this incredible tactile yet ethereal experience, like having ghostly curb-feelers all around you. It's the best driving I've ever done.

  7. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Water is wet, dogs bark, nothing to see here….
    Seriously it's like 20 in Kansas so BAH!

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