Last Call- Perforated Porsche Edition


So the story goes that the owner of this Porsche 911 donated it for target practice to the American Gun Club  – Massachusetts chapter – after a catastrophic engine failure left it with the potential of twenty grand in repairs. While tragic and profane, there’s something almost mesmerizing about how this Porsche is being returned to its base elements through the means of firepower.

More car-nage may be found here (link NSFPO*).

*Not Safe For Porsche Owners

Image source: Izismile



  1. I guess his Porsche sensitivities couldn't consider the possibility of an SBC swap for much less than $20K.

      1. I was to react to $kaycog's comment about "a car of that caliber", then I saw what has been done to these SAAB…ouch! Now I'd agree that there are some cars which don't deserve to die in pain, I just don't agree which. =8^o

    1. Shooting at it would not be a bore but really the guy should have just got a grip and put it in Lemons with a Prius motor.

  2. I was gonna say lightening holes,but theres probably a lot more lead ballast added. Art, none the less.

  3. I don't always perforate my Porsche
    But when I do I go all out.
    Who among us has not wanted to blast a clunker.

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