Last Call- Paging Nicholas Cage Edition

I am going to rip out your eyes and skull-ride you to death!

Introverts. . .  need not apply.

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  1. CptSevere Avatar

    Oh, that's really ugly. Just plain awful. Now, think about it, why would you want to embed your front cylinder in the gas tank? No wonder this thing is on a trailer. Fifty miles down the road, exploding napalm death.

    1. acarr260 Avatar

      At least they will have overpaid for this quick and (un)timely death.

    2. FЯeeMan Avatar

      I'm no expert, but I think that trailer is the back of a 60's-something El Camino.

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        I think you got it right. I'm afraid to see the rest of it, with this kind of taste the poor Camino is probably raped beyond recognition.

  2. Alff Avatar

    Meh. I'll take that sweet '59 El Camino, though.

  3. engineerd Avatar

    That gas tank isn't someone's catalog part, so this obviously wasn't built by OCC. I like this skull bike better, though. It's got the whole skeleton!
    <img width=400 src=""&gt;

    1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      I am trying to figure out what is going on with that motor.
      I wonder what they pulled that from.

      1. engineerd Avatar

        It's almost like an old aircraft motor, but without the output shaft on the front.

    2. Alff Avatar

      That is one ugly bike, no bones about it.

    3. seoultrain Avatar

      So THIS must be the bike for the guy who wants to look like he's fucking a skeleton.

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    I really would like to see some fool riding this.
    "Weeee, I am riding a fucking giant skull! Wooooooo"

  5. joshuman Avatar

    I can only hope the eyes have red lights that glow brighter when the throttle is applied.

    1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      Flames shooting out of the mouth.

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