Last Call: of Nature Edition

I think this is just cup-holder technology taken to its logical extreme.
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    1. Yo, Dawg I heard you like rimshots so I put a rim on your rim so you can shoot while you’re sh*tting.

  1. OT- I need the cumulative knowledge of the hooniverse,
    I wanked the fuel lines on my ’02 2.3 Ranger. I tried a patch with $10 worth of hose clamps but it still leaks.
    The real solution is to lift the bed and to replace the lines from the in-tank pump to the filter.
    2 lines which according to google/ebay/amazon/etc do not exist. All I get are doorman patches that suck donkey eggs.
    Searching rockauto/a1auto results in doorman parts. Next step is to go the dealer… $200 for a kit I think.
    Any leads of OEM fuel lines?

    1. bend and flare your own! it’ll be fun, you’ll have brand new lines, and you’ll get to keep the tools.
      failing that, junkyard is always the answer.

    2. Yeah, either fab your own or have someone fab them.
      Borrow the bending and flaring tools, if you can. Plenty of people have bought them for one project (a-hem!) and are just looking for an excuse for them to come in handy again (a-hem!)

    3. Speaking as someone who grew up in a part of the world where various slang terms centred around the word ‘wank’ were common, I’d just like to point out that the phrase, “I wanked the fuel lines on my ’02 2.3 Ranger” doesn’t… Quite… Work.
      Think of it as being amusing to me in a sort of reverse Engrish way and it’ll probably make sense as to why.

    4. Unless you have a bunch of people around or something to lift the bed it is easier for one guy to drop the tank.
      The Dorman repair kit does work well if you take the line off of the vehicle and heat the tubing in hot water. A compression fitting with the brass insert and nylon sleeves are another solution.
      Otherwise a trip to the junkyard is the way to go.

      1. I may end up dropping the tank but I might get the neighbor kid to come over with his impact wrench. He’s a Ford tech… and a little Sunday wrenching might be worth all our time and $. He replaced his ranger fuel pump out int he street.
        But I want to get everything ready. Hell, he may know what I’m looking for.

    5. Bending your own is a good suggestion, but depending on where the bad section is, what about cutting that part out and splicing in a new section with appropriate fittings?

      1. It’s a nylon line. I tried to fix it on-truck but that ended up looking the part but still leaking.
        It really needs to be removed and mended properly.

  2. So I got a new toy today and…

    It has a pop-up headlight!

    It’s a 1970 Ski-Doo Olympique 335. Mechanically it’s fine, but the seat and other cosmetics are a little rough.

    It came with a wheel set for the summer. (Stay tuned for more info on this…)

    The sled in the back is a parts sled, with a smaller engine. The frame is too rusted, but the engine should run, and might end up in something else (go-cart?).

  3. Sometimes you have those times when you really just have to go. You pull over to the side of the road, don’t want anyone to see you and… Yeah, I’ve really got nothing.

    1. The oatmeal stout one sounds fantastic! Next time I visit my folks in VT, I’m taking a little detour.
      Cider jelly is another delicious lesser-known jelly, and impossible to find on the west coast.

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