1. szm, mzs, aarp………..I'm sure Alfalfa loves this. I think this will be easier with less comments above. Heck, I forgot what we were talking about other than diamonds, flowers and candy.
      I hope you can hook up with TofP next Monday. I think you guys will have a lot of fun.

    2. tempesjo……..I remember those cupcakes from last year, and you posted a picture of them on this game! I also remember the picture of your toes that you posted. I think you should post that again . I don't think any of these players were here then to see that image. Hahaha! I still laugh at your toes. 😉
      All is excellent in my life! Nothing newsworthy has happened, which isn't a bad thing.

      1. Dear Tower,
        Looks like we are on for autoshow on Monday, hooray! I will email to you a cellphone number. I was kidding about the cheese curds earlier, though I forgot to mention. Last week they had special menu at the cafeteria at work on Thursday or Friday: Wisconsin Appreciation Menu. I think it must have been due to the Packers. In any case not only did they have fried cheese curds (which I got), they also had brats with sauerkraut, cheese soup, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes. I had fish, rice, and green beans (sorry. on a diet) with the fried cheese curds. Unfortunately they did not squeak. Nobody at the table believed me that they were supposed to 🙁

    3. Dear Skaycog,
      We were talking about me still needing St. Valentine's Day ideas. Also I was about to bring-up that Vavon and you would make a great couple. You already know Aga and I had a 6mo long distance relationship. It really can work, surprising as that seems. It's been a secret hope of mine that you two end-up hitting it off someday. You two should exchange some throw away email addresses in PMs while you still can at Canadian jalopnik.

    4. mzs…
      That sounds like quite the hunt traveling around town like that! I'm sure Aga had a lot of fun. I may have to scale my idea up like that someday, if you don't mind. I'm sure you will come up with an idea by the weekend.

    5. TowerofPower………Yes, I'd say that Ford GT in the snow is in Canada. Evidently, they have an indoor car show. (Brilliant deduction)! That is a great picture! I kept it, and my Ford GT/40 folder is getting bigger and bigger.

    6. zsm, szm, etc…………None of that talk, you hear? No, no, no! That won't happen!
      Okay, you pretty much have Valentine's Day planned and a camera for your sweetheart. I think you are going to have a great and memorable day!

    7. $kaycog…
      If I were to guess, I would say that you have a Ford GT screensaver as well in addition to your pictures folder. Also, that picture is the first time that I've seen the gulf livery at night. Is there anywhere that paint scheme doesn't look brilliant!

    8. Dear Tower,
      I'm sure you'll think of even better things, in fact I did not think of the hunt myself. I read it in a book, and then I remembered a friend of mine had done something similar for his girlfriend and it had worked-out really well. The title of the book is pretty embarassing to write here: 101 Nights of Grrrreat Sex. Or it was something very similar to that, you had to tear out the pages and open them up in secret, one a week – but we took liberties there, and the other person only had a few clues. The anticipation was pretty nice, in fact the whole thing was pretty nice. Though there were a lot where we just could not do them for all sorts of reasons, like just seemed stupid or ewww, too much money, or we had no camping stuff, etc. So we just improvised or went to another page.

    9. szm, zms, usa…….Good morning. TGIF! You're doing quite well with your weight loss. Good job!
      We're going to have warmer weather for awhile. Over the weekend, the temps will be in the middle 50's. I'm so ready to wash and clean my car. I like a clean vehicle, inside and out.
      Have a great Friday!

    10. @Skaycog: School is doing fine, thank you! But at times it can be overflowing. Spring Break is March 28th to the 1st of April. So I'll be off for my Birthday which is sweet!!!!!!
      6868 – And how is your day?

    11. BuickBoy…..TGIF! My day is going well. I'm a little frustrated that I get sporadic email notifications from here. I hope that's the biggest problem I ever have. 😉 Our temp is in the low 50's today, and this weekend we're going to see middle 60's. I'm ready for that!
      So, you have about 6 more weeks until Spring break. I'll probably forget when you said it was and ask you again.

    12. Dear Tower,
      I have not seen the episode, but I assume you are talking about the awd c30. I've read about that. That does sound sweet indeed! If I was going to buy a 4-seat Volvo, I would buy an ES or first gen c70 coupe (again) before the c30. But I may change my mind on Monday, who knows.
      I was driven around very spiritedly here in an RX-7 today, sssssh don't tell anyone.
      <img src="http://khm0.google.com/kh/v=79&x=33400&s=&y=48733&z=17&s=Galil"&gt;

    13. Dear Skaycog,
      I don't know what the weather is going to be like here coming-up, probably cold. Do you know that until I just replied to Tower i thought it was almost 5PM and I was rushing to finish-up work. I went to lunch with old friends today and also needed to get a lot done because I am taking a vacation day on Monday. But now I have an hour to kill! I'll go and read those rules to the espionage game Mr. T posted since I promised him I would.
      I had some problems with commenting here earlier today, but it is all better now. You should post a picture of your garage wall with all the GTs on that post that I had trouble with today.

    14. Dear Skaycog,
      Phew… Michelle was just really obnoxious to everyone this evening! It's frustrating how she can be like that, or alternatively all sweet and nice other times, sigh. Yup I got the time wrong once before too, but this time it was me just being me. But at least this time I noticed before I left for home!
      Will not be playing much his weekend, will be doing taxes 🙁 Weekend ends for me on Tuesday 🙂
      Have a good one,

    15. zms, zsm, et al……A GT40 MkI. How beautiful is that? *heart racing* The other cars are beautiful too!
      It sounds like Michelle is starting that horrible age when girls have dual personalities. They can be so sweet sometimes, but real bitches other times. It's just part of growing up, but is so hard on the parents. You have to have the patience of Job to get through this. She can't help it.
      My tax stuff is at my CPA's office as we speak. It's always good to get that done.
      <img src="http://www.shorey.net/auto/American/Ford/GT-40/1966%20Ford%20GT40%20Mk1-red-fVr=mx=.jpg"width="500"/&gt;

    16. @Skaycog: Hello again! It's nice, bright, and sunny toady, but still snowy and around 28 Degrees. Which isn't too bad considering how bad it was last week and the cold. From what I heard on the TV it should be in the 40s by next week! So I'm looking forward for that! So how has your day been? Relaxing?
      6875 – I watched "The Thin Red Line" last night. A way powerful movie! You should check it out. I think you would enjoy it.
      [youtube LCmlOhsIwBk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCmlOhsIwBk youtube]

    17. Dear Skaycog,
      <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2511/4158271886_f05619df5b.jpg&quot; width="500" height="351" alt="Volvo PV 544" />
      I was up til 3AM sort of doing taxes, sort of procrastinating. I decided I needed another form, so I headed out to the library just a bit ago. When I got back I had books, a movie, coffee, even donuts, but I forgot about that blasted form! Sigh… I'm pretty hopeless at this practical stuff.
      Today Michelle has been a regular angel, you're right about the patience needed and Jekyl/Hyde split. When it first started last year I took offense at what a teacher said, about looking for boundaries, but now I am seeing that she was right. Oh well, I try and learn at least. Someday I'll tell her she was right.
      I hope we get to see those cupcakes soon. Also I think I missed the toes. Maybe that's good. And Vavon has the recipe! It's an exciting weekend.
      dang I forgot the number

    18. Dear BB,
      It's really nice out here today. After all we had it feels like summer. Okay so I exaggerate a bit 😉 Aga has been taking photos and messing with that today. I got the movie "Adventures in Babysitting" to watch with everyone later today. I've never seen that film, but I am a pacifist. So even war movies that are antiwar, they make me too sad to enjoy. It's a shame, I've heard great things about many, but they just move me too much so it's very rare for me to watch one. Skaycog brought to my attention the original "Gone in 60 Seconds" I might watch that sometime sooner rather than later. I guess it's like required reading for all of us or something. I'm going to go and read a book recommend to me on AT now though.
      Have a good one.

    19. BuickBoy…..There was an 18-wheeler stuck on the railroad crossing here yesterday. It was a lowboy trailer loaded with boats that high-centered on the RR tracks. They had to get a wrecker from out-of-town because there were none here that could handle that. I wish I would have had the time to watch them get it off the tracks.
      My day is great, and I've gotten so many things done already. It has warmed up to the middle 50's, and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60's. I washed my car early this morning, as I can't stand it dirty. It has just been too cold before now to wash it though.

    20. smz, msz, ds……You forgot the form you went to the library to get? Hahaha! No big deal; I'm just glad you didn't forget the donuts. We have our priorities, don't we?
      I guess you can read my reply to BB, so I don't have to repeat it.

    21. Dear Skaycog,
      It gets even better. I got coffee that was not ground. We do not own a coffee mill. Aga was laughing. Man I'm a doofus. Someone on jalop replied to a comment of mine that I could use a blender. I asked Aga, "What have we got to lose?" She replied dryly, "The blender." That was funny, but now I have no coffee to drink, so not so funny anymore.
      I made Aga a sweet card/note for tomorrow. I'm going to go play with the kids outside. I forgot how much I weighed this morning now, but it was 204.x lb (EEK!). I'll worry about it on Tuesday.
      Have a good one,

      1. This morning I was at an intersection at the same time as a Ford GT that was headed in a different direction. It was white with blue stripes. I was going to snap a picture for you, but the light changed before I could get my phone ready.

        1. Oh, wow! I've never seen one since 2005, and it was the one I rode in. My friend called and said he'd pick me up to go for coffee, and when I saw it parked out front, I cried (a little). Thanks for sharing with me!

    22. Dear Skaycog,
      I found some coffee I had kept from when we stayed at a hotel room this morning. Disaster averted! So I guess this is what addiction is.
      PS 203.2 lb

    23. szm, zsm, pdq……glad you got your coffee this morning. Yes, it's very addictive, and I gotta have that first cup if that's all I have. I trust you had a great day at the auto show and meeting up with TofP.
      I'm going to a Valentine's Day dinner at friends' home this evening.

    24. Dear Skaycog,
      Happy St. Valentine's day! I'm glad you will be spending the evening at friends. I'll write more tomorrow, but now I am at my uncle's trying to fix his computer and I need to rush. Here's a nice picture. It's Jim Glickenhaus driving a GT40 driving across the George Washington bridge last week. Just an average Tuesday someone called it 😉 I think this is via Jeff Glucker.
      <img src="http://www.glickenhaus.com/jim/mkivonbridge.jpg&quot; width="500">

    25. mzs, smz, etc………Notification came just as I was getting ready to leave. I hope you got your uncle's computer fixed. Thanks for the good wishes. I love that picture! Thanks!
      Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

    26. Dear Skaycog,
      Who needs a cup of coffee to wake-up when you get a drive in a GT? I mean they'll both wake your senses and both will give that swift kick to the back of your head you need in the morning. Computer was repaired at 8:30PM. That's how our family works, everybody is decent at something or other and we help each other. I'm glad I was able to help, my uncle has helped me a lot in fixing house things. Like I had a roof leak. I went-up to try and fix it, and then I discovered I am afraid of heights. It felt like it took me 30 minutes to inch make to the ladder and make my way down. During that time Aga and two of her friends were laughing at me from the bottom. Actually in the beginning one was really sweet and concerned about me. No not Aga, she just laughed the whole time of course.
      Could you get Vavon to post that recipe please? I swear he wrote that he had it recently.
      PS: I was too scared to step on the scale this morning. I'll check tomorrow morning.

    27. Dear Tower,
      I was very happy to get to meet you! I'm sorry we did not have much time. Man I hope you did not think I was rude. We barely got everything done in time before we had to be home for the kids returning from school. I hope someday to get to meet with you again cause you're a nice interesting person in real life too. Here's the best picture from the auto show for me. This total stranger was so impressed with that little seat back there he asked me to go in the back with him to see if we could fit.
      <img src="http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/181987_625376483380_2912893_34829912_1954333_n.jpg&quot; width="500">

    28. $kaycog…
      I can't believe that I forgot about this picture! Your Ford GT picture from Saturday (with the red Camaro in front of the GT) reminded me of it. Several years ago some friends and I did a track tour at Road America and my co-driver got a picture of a Ford GT blasting past me down the hill towards turn 8. It's not great as it has some glare and is a bit out of focus but it's only the second time I have ever seen a Ford GT outside of an auto show.
      <img src="https://secure-media-ash1.fbcdn.net/v134/239/27/184801409/n184801409_31107109_7197.jpg&quot; width=500>

    29. mzs…
      It was very nice to meet you too! Don't worry, you weren't rude, I know that you were busy and had to keep running. My friends and I really dilly dally around at this show. We were there over 6 hours!
      That picture is really funny! I didn't realize that anyone actually made a rear facing seat in a wagon anymore and was very happy to see that when I came across it! The highlight of our day was probably when my three friends and I all crammed into the red Fiat 500 and the Fiat booth professional used us in her presentation to display how roomy it was (except that it was quite crammed…but we still played it up)! Unfortunately none of us got a picture of it since all of us were inside the car, but it was worth the experience and the view was fantastic!

    30. smz, szm, rofl……..That's a very funny picture of you two guys sitting in the back. If anybody were to close the hatch door, your knees would have been in your teeth.
      I'm not crazy about heights either, but I've never gotten on a roof to test my fear. I can get to the top of my 6-foot ladder, but I'm very uncomfortable at the top rung.
      You never said what you did for Valentine's Day dinner. I had ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans and jello thingy, with pumpkin pie for dessert. I took over a bottle of Australian merlot, and we had a very nice evening.

    31. TowerofPower…..that's a Ford GT picture!!! If I had been driving instead of you, I probably would have been so excited that I may have driven into a ditch. The only GT I've seen in real life was the one I got to ride in in 2005. I saw a replica at a local car show, but it was terrible.
      It sounds like you really enjoyed the auto show, having been there for 6 hours. I'd probably spend most of my time at the Ford exhibit.

    32. Dear Skaycog,
      I have a hunch you missed this article, there's some nice photos on there. 2011 Rolex24 at Daytona International Speedway. Wow St. Valentine's day was busy. I'll try and do a reply before I leave today, but maybe tomorrow. I missed a couple days here and I have a short break to catch-up now. Your food sounds tasty though. I got some New Zealand wine, have not tried it yet though.

    33. Dear Tower,
      I'm sure the view was great indeed! FWIW, I really dug her shoes.
      <img src="http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/182951_625375670010_2912893_34829898_8238933_n.jpg&quot; width="500">
      You all were very tall though, even the shortest one of the lost of you was taller than me. You have an apt screen name. I think that's why they must have selected your group. In any case, even for me it was not very roomy inside, but it worked.

    34. Skaycog…
      I bet that ride in a GT was all kinds of awesome! There must be a story behind this and you've probably told it, but if you don't mind me asking…how was the experience?

    35. mzs…
      haha…we weren't actually selected to sit in the car, we just kind of got in and were checking things out and then she just started a presentation, incorporating us into it. Me, and my shortest friend were the two who got in the back and it was pretty tight, but the Camaro and the Genesis coupe, which we also sat in during the show, were much worse.
      It looks like you might have to work on your photo skills, the Fiat isn't quite centered in that shot.

    36. zzm, mzz, szz, lol………Thanks for that 2011 Rolex at Daytona link. That's a pretty cool GT40, plus lots of other neat pictures. I agree with Tower that you could have centered that red Fiat better…..hahaha!
      Have a good evening!

    37. TowerofPower…..my ride in the Ford GT was an unexpected surprise for me. I was totally taken with the car from the start, but very few guys in my town even knew anything about it. We had several vehicles follow us through town until we stopped at a coffee shop. They swarmed around it in amazement……kind of like shock and awe. I have pictures of it all over my computer desk.

    38. Hi everybody,
      My dad probably had a heart attack or two today, but he is fine now. He should get a pacemaker later tonight. We are all very lucky. He was in a store parking lot very close to the hospital when it happened. Here's an angiogram if you are not squeamish about stuff like that. Yesterday was a rough day for me too, but this puts all that crap in perspective as well crap.
      I drink tonight!
      PS: 203.4 lb

    39. Sorry to hear about your Da, MZS. I just said a little prayer for him and his clan. I'm glad you guys have continued your reindeer games here.
      Brad (190 something and not counting)

    40. msz…….I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I will pray for his recovery and also strength for your Mom, you and your family.
      Best wishes!

    41. Thanks you two, we appreciate it! Everything is still fine, better than yesterday in fact. I just spoke with my dad, I'll be over there for lunch. I got home 12:30 this morning. He started to have some chest pains again last night, so that delayed everything. But now everything is really great. Here's a happy photo of him. He would not smile yesterday for some reason, grumpy old coot.
      <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_6jgCsQ8C8nU/SuNhXrA1NtI/AAAAAAAAAZI/aHbRsd36KHU/100_0580.jpg"&gt;
      It's funny a while back I was looking for a nice picture of him and I noticed that many pictures of him around the house, when it's not a birthday or something, have him sitting with a newspaper. He really does read the paper a lot, to this day. When I was a kid he would get the morning edition of the trib or local paper read that before work and then on the way home get the evening sun-times or some other paper, then read that.
      I'll find a new place.

  1. Oh for the love. I hate those bastards most of all. I call them the get-backers, and I would slit their throats given the chance. Ooh, that sounds a bit harsh. Let's just say I would shame them to the ends of the earth. I hate those people who accidentally forgot to merge until the last second, expecting everyone to wait for them.
    /end rant

    1. I'm with you on the throat-slitting for the get-backers, but I think it is worth mentioning that the enabling dipshits that let them in at least deserve to get punched in the head.

  2. I just tailgate the guy ahead of me and don't let the asshole in. I used to be nice, but with age and wisdom (okay, maybe not much wisdom) I'm not nice anymore.
    Some days I wish I had telekinetic powers and the ability to push assholes off the road using just my mind… oh what a wonderful world it would be.

    1. This happened to me Sunday night on M-39. Left lane closed ahead. Traffic merging from I-96 to M-39. The wife is driving my F150 while I ride shotgun. She's polite and lets 2 cars merge. Then I notice Mr. Asshole flying down the merge ramp. I warn Mrs. SSurfer321 and advise her NOT to let him in. At this point he is next to us, halfway on the berm. I insist to my wife that she NOT let this asshole in, as he has plenty of room behind us to merge. As the road narrows Mrs. SSurfer321 begins to panic as he is still next to her. I try to assure her that he has more to lose if we were to trade paint and that he will eventually see the error of his ways and yield. She stops. He slides in front of us honking and waiving his middle finger, as if we were in the wrong.
      Damn vertigo kept me from driving, as I would have NEVER let him in.

  3. There's a book by a traffic engineer that Ms. Murilee turned me onto titled, "Traffic:… Why we drive the way the way we do (and what it says about us)."
    It more or less states that if we just stayed in our own lane forever, there would be little problem. "Merging" is when things go astray, and traffic engineers have tried all kinds of things to make this less chaotic and more orderly. Ants follow rules that ensure traffic moves smoothly, because it's in all their interest that it should. I don't know how many of you folks have worked in restaurants, but the phrase, "The loaded tray has the right-of-way" gets drilled into you pretty quick, and ants have this dialed.
    People though, we ain't ants, and so merging becomes a bit of a problem. At a place where the highway loses a lane or two because of construction or an accident, humans freak out. They instantly go into one of two camps, the "Get In Liners", who get over as soon as possible (Truck-Drivers are the best/worst at this, because they have radios and know which lane is getting closed), and the "Me-Firster's", who race up the closing lane and try to merge in at the last minute. Then there is the "Vigilante", a "Get In Liner" who don't like the douche in the 3-series BMW "Me-Firster" coming up all the way to the front of the line on the "closed" lane. They tangle, and now the highway's completely shut down.
    Everybody's wrong (especially the Vigilante and the Douche), but what the traffic-engineers want us all to do is to use both lanes up to the sign and "zipper", alternating "Your Turn, Now My Turn", but they've never figured a way to get people to think like ants.

    1. Great insightful comment…
      I think everyone who reads this site has most likely been each part of the equation.

    2. That's true as far as it goes, but what you've described is specifically not the case illustrated in the above diagram. The lone car isn't in a lane that's ending; it's in a perfectly good lane for proceeding straight through the intersection. This isn't a case of taking or failing to take turns, just one of trying to cut in line.
      I suppose the driver might, just might, be someone unfamiliar with the area, but in that case the proper course is to proceed straight ahead and come around for another go at it. Far more likely, though, is that the conclusion in the diagram is entirely correct.

      1. Oh Jeez! You want me to be relevant? Point taken, though.
        But what I meant was that everybody and everything merges, and while animals merge just fine (herds of wild horses, flocks of swallows etc.) and humans do too when they're walking, it's only when we get behind the wheel that things get nutty. I mean, if all the figures in the diagram above were people walking, the person at the front getting merged on might possibly be slightly perturbed for a brief moment, the others wouldn't notice at all. Put them all in cars though, and things change drastically.

  4. OK, but I have an inverse pet peeve. iWhen a lane is closed for construction, requiring two lanes to merge down to one, the traffic engineers deliberately set this up so both lanes are available to hold cars as long as possible, intending that at the merge point the two lanes take turns, zippering together. But folks will back-up traffic into the next intersection leaving the closed lane empty that entire block, while giving dirty looks to those of use who go down it, as we are supposed to. Bah.

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