Last Call – Nobody Messes With The Corvair Edition

Dammit, you blinked!

In my haste in recapping my weekend of LeMons Corvair racing, I forgot to post quite possibly the most important picture of the event: the all-encompassing group photo!
Without further ado, here’s Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer, resplendent in snazzy rust-and-blood-colored bowling shirts.

Left to right: Don Stoddard, Jim Brennan, Alex Sarkozi, Andy Sarkozi, and your humble chronicler.


          1. If we stuffed him in a time machine with a bunch of biplane blueprints and sent him back to 1903, then Mr. Rong could possibly be Mr. Wright.

          2. I just +repped all of you snarky bastards. Leave it to H-verse to make jokes about my last name that I actually haven't heard yet.

          3. But it took two Wrights to make it (Dang you ZomBeeRacer you are too quick)

  1. "Dammit, you blinked!"
    It's not his fault, Blake's eyes are always like that!

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