Last Call- Maybe I Should Drive Edition


They say it’s not the cough that carries you off, but the coffin they carry you off in. That is of course unless this yabo is driving the hearse.

Image: Imgur


  1. So, if that is indeed a Fiat dashboard, I can't figure out what sort of Fiat it's from.

      1. And here I was stuck on the Doblo, crossed with certain ten-year-old B-segment hatchbacks. Cheers, Vavon!

          1. I'm sure there will be a rigorous investigation. Still mortifying though…

        1. Hey, I'm with you there.
          I'd like to think the only way I'd off myself would be in the event of a fatal and eventually painful diagnosis – one of those 'you have (x) weeks to live' deals – after doing as many of the things I'd always wanted to do as I possibly could.
          Should that not improve things? Visit my loved ones, stop by some place I loved, make a phone call, and leave life the same way I tried to live it – on my terms.
          Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and I die on impact in the driver's seat of a rally car, or peacefully in my sleep, but it's good to have a contingency plan in the back of one's mind.

      1. Love that video. I remember hearing (probably here) that even though he smoked Marlboros he kept them in a Winston pack in order to be a good Winston Cup man.

  2. When Jeremy said he wouldn't be caught dead in a Vauxhall, he wasn't kidding around.
    (At least, that looks like a Vectra.)

        1. As someone who was involved with mistakenly buying a flood damaged car after the flooding from hurricanes Irene/Lee, it's not always this obvious, and I'm pretty sure nobody is going to openly say they're selling a turd like that.
          Worst part is I didn't even notice until a couple of days ago (almost two years after buying the car) when I had a bunch of the interior paneling in the trunk off to do some work to the soft top mechanicals (car is a vert,) and I saw that the brown staining on the carpet (which I thought was the normal color) had a high water mark. PO did a very good job getting the interior detailed and immediately drying it out, but it explains why I keep finding sand all over the inside of the car (including the gas tank,) among other things.
          Le sigh.

          1. As you point out, it's not always obvious and the cues can be misleading in either direction. Case in point, I once sold a Buick Century on my mother-in-law's behalf. It wasn't a flood car but because she lived on a farm and drove a lot of dirt roads, the car arrived at my house with a fllthy interior. I dutifully shampooed to my heart's content. The result was a less dirty but not perfect carpet that put off a few buyers who were convinced I was trying to pull a fast one with a flood car.

          2. Interesting stories! Will a flood car ever be a safe choice without exchanging the electrics? That alone would in many cases be more costly (and more prone to moron mistakes) than a vehicle is worth. And when interior starts to live like in that Jaguar, I don't see how a car can be saved.

          3. The more aluminum a car has in its wiring harness, the more moisture can gum things up. This makes 70s and 80s euros especially problematic. There's a good reason that documented flood cars are sold for parts only.

  3. When the judge produced a writ of habeus corpus, this man took it very, very literally.

  4. Looks like a still from a "Six feet under"-intro. You think this is awful? Uncaringly jumping out into uncoming traffic to save the casket is worse.

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