1. Yes. I've bought far less for far more. So yes. Assuming the other side looks similar to this one, that is.

      1. Oh there are some serious cosmetic issues, make no mistake. The dashboard is also cracked. But where I live a patinaed detroit car is esteemed higher than a restored one.
        My plan would be to do modern disc brakes, add some fat anti-sway bars and stiff shocks, but to leave the appearance mostly as is. Maybe paint over that scrape/filler, but that's it. Really only toying with the idea though as my current beater is on its last legs.
        <img src="http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp47/fststangvt/IMAG01641.jpg&quot; width="600">

        1. "…where I live a patinaed detroit car is esteemed higher than a restored one. "
          In terms of taxicab respect or hipster appreciation?
          If you can keep it from rusting, I'd just paint over the one filler patch. It goes without saying that I'd buy it.

          1. That bondo patch is like a visual threat to someone considering cutting in front: "I've played this before; wanna go?" Definitely taxicab respect.
            And the car; I've been eyeing the generation of Caprices when GM downsized them. Really they're the beigemobiles of their time and they're going for around the same ballpark price in the same condition (in Canadian, too! Yeesh). I can't say if it's NPOCP with authourity but, going by that I'd say it's looking pretty good!

          2. Both taxicab respect and hipster appreciation, though more like yuppie/hipster luxury item in my neighborhood and age bracket. I doubt I can keep it from rusting–that's reserved for my pristine 280ZX (yes X, sorry purists)–but I don't think any other prospective purchaser is going to preserve it any better than I will, which is to say mechanically sorted and with a bucket of POR-15 on the underbody.

          3. So, Vermont plates… whereabouts is it, and d'you need me to have a look…?

          4. It's in Barre. Not sure where you are exactly, but definitely take a look if that's close. For me it's a good hour and a half from anywhere I normally go. At least I'm fairly sure it'll still be there in a few days, because who is going to drag themselves all the way to Barre for a beat up Mercury Montego? I kind of can't believe I'm toying with the idea myself.

        2. If it goes down the road ok, I'd be all over that. Seriously. Spend some time crawling under it to make sure it doesn't need floors or subframes or something, then dive into it head first. That's good steel.

    2. I would do it if it were me. If they are asking 1,600 you might be able to get it for less. As someone said above check for floors and frame rust.

  1. It's been a while since I've been able to get some hoon time under my belt. I recently made time to take my old truck up to Capitol Forrest near where I live in Olympia WA http://www.capitolforest.com/trailmappage.html . It's pretty cool to have nearly a hundred thousand acres of state forest with hundreds of miles of roads just outside of a somewhat major urban area. It is a working forest, so you have to watch out for log trucks and work crews, but some roads are less traveled so you can get your rally on.
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/nu6Dr.jpg&quot; title="Hosted by imgur.com" width="500">
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/EvXeZ.jpg&quot; title="Hosted by imgur.com" width="500">
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/Thquj.jpg&quot; title="Hosted by imgur.com" width="500">

    1. Do they still run the OIympus Rally there? Several years ago, I took a solo mountain bike ride around Capitol Forest, only to find myself unexpectedly in the middle of it. That was an awesome day.

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