Last Call: Lil' Scalper Edition

Lil Scalper
This custom rotary lawn mower might make you the hippest homeowner on the block. Featuring full fenders, white walls, and tail lights it’s almost ready to hit the road after hitting the grass. You can see it running here.
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Image: Go Away Garage


    1. Those were the days.
      That’s the name of this contraption carefully written on the little fuel tank.

        1. That should teach me to comment without clicking the link.
          But it probably won’t. Your concern is not misplaced.

      1. This is my approach to lawn care. I can get away with once every six weeks in the summer (in Seattle, it really doesn’t rain in the summer) by “scalping” it, and then it burns. The dandelions can do as they please.

  1. Retro image is increasingly used in appliance design, but I haven’t seen a new lawnmower that looks like that.
    But in vacuum cleaners, Hoover has just brought out a new version of the old ‘Constellation’ hovercraft cleaner.

      1. We had one in green, either inherited or gift from my parent’s wedding. I hated lugging that thing around (the kids had the “cleaning” task). The motor finally gave up the ghost in the 80s.

    1. they what? I thought they just discontinued the constellation revivals. I picked up the one you have an ad pictured for off of craigslist for $25

      1. We have successfully killed two lawnmowers on our steep property. How? They have no oil pump. Once driven down our 20-30 degree hills for a while, the engine will starve of oil – repeatedly. After learning that, I exclusively reverse myself downhill – somehow, this does no harm. Also, at 60°N, lawn mowing season is a grateful month away.

        1. Sounds like you have a riding lawnmower? I’d hire that shit out. I’ve got a small lawn, and what’s turned out to be a surprisingly excellent electric (rechargeable/cordless) push mower.

          1. Oh no, cheapest push mower I can find – McCulloch something. We only have about 7-800sqm to mow, but it’s steep.

          2. One answer would be a two stroke if you can get one in Norge. My brother had the same issue and a two-stroke solved his problem.

          3. Thanks for the tip! Haven’t thought that far, actually. If our mower raises the white flag/smoke, I’ll try that. 🙂 The first season went well though.

          4. Counting my neighbours, sheep outnumber people. When there were goats here, there was a lot of trouble with them breaking out/in. That was resolved with goat sausage. I wouldn’t want sheep in my garden though, as we produce a lot of food on our own. Maybe chicken one day.

          5. Yes, let them eat all the kudzu and get nice and fat and then make a delicious curry out of them. Mmmmmm….

          6. Edible solutions are fantastic! Slow-cooked goat curry, yum.
            So – what kind of truck would you use for a goat-meat centered food truck?

          7. A Zamyad Z24 (the Iranian-built version of the Nissan Junior). Mostly because they’re the only trucks I’ve ever actually seen carrying goats, but also because then the curry would be more authentic.

          8. My family always had electric lawnmowers until my parents divorced (and my dad still only uses electric lawnmowers). The rechargeable one we had was miserable to mow our 1/3 acre lawn with, especially if the grass was even slightly long, because it had almost no power and I had to slowly creep along with it at a snail’s pace or else overburden the motor and it would die. The corded one was an old lawnmower that had gobs of power, and I always had to be careful with the cord (which was a minor irritation), but it would run over sticks, tall grass, small toys, etc. without a hitch.

          1. Got to say, this crowd never disappoints. Honda also has a couple of lawnmowers with oil pumps. But if you buy them new here….they enter classic car territory, pricewise. I should have said above that not owning an oil pump mower was 80% a cheapout.

          2. My 14-year-old Honda Masters (cost mucho dinero, GXV160 motor) doesn’t have an oil pump or filter, but then my yard is flat. It’s self-propelled (hydrostatic drive, shaft drive, RWD), which makes the job easier.

          3. Sounds like a real treat! We had one self-propelled mower, too, which I bought used. Belt-driven rear wheels, but the construction was a mess. Somehow, the belt well ended up bent and it was time to push again.

        1. Beverages of choice on me! And I know my way around a grill. Anything to avoid mowing.
          I’d happily hire a kid from down the street to mow the lawn, but apparently I live in a neighborhood where no one has kids, and no grandchildren come to visit.

          1. I have a friend out that way that I’ve been threatening to visit. You’ll be on the list. I’m good with beer and a good cheeseburger.

          2. And likewise, you’re ever out this way. I make a seven cheese lasagna that flat out kills. With sausage, too.

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