Last Call: It's Kind a Jag Edition

Is there any better way to head off into the wild unknowns of the weekend than to imagine doing so behind the wheel of Steve McQueen’s 1956 Jaguar XKSS? No? I didn’t think so.
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    1. No – but I read the book years ago and then re-read it a few weeks ago. The library had to order a new one since it was out of print until just recently because of the popularity of the series from Amazon. Good read.

    2. Yep, fairly good show I thought. Interesting characters, lots of cool period cars, decent storyline, though it’s sometimes a bit confusing.

    3. I was all excited about the show when it was first announced and re-read the book in anticipation. Then I watched the pilot episode and completely lost interest. The book isn’t that long and they clearly decided to stretch things out to make it a series when it would have been best as a movie. I also didn’t like the plot rewrite that decided the basis of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy was a film instead of the novel.

    1. I’ve never been on a dyno, but I’ve done burnouts that have gotten pretty fast. I had a ’95 Camaro Z28 that had some tires that didn’t do well in the wet, and I could usually get them to spin in the first four gears. I also had a 2005 Corvette that would do rolling burnouts at 50+ MPH on dry pavement if the traction control was off. Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually done a standing burnout, so I guess my speeds usually don’t get up too high.

      1. I suppose that’s what I mean by indicated speed in burnouts. Your “ground speed” might be 2mph, but your indicated speed might be 100mph.
        It’s funny, but I literally have no idea how fast a car “thinks” it is going on a dyno or in a burnout.
        This all came about because of that Hong Kong van post on That Other Car Site. A weird tidbit about H-iAces is that the base model is an insane burnout and doughnut machine. Legend says the speedo goes right off the clock (admittedly only 112mph).

        1. That’s not a big surprise to me. I was working in the mountains 10+ years ago trying to fix cabins. On ice, our ancient Hiace would spin its wheels just by looking at it. I’d go as far as saying that this was basically a design fault.

    2. I kinda sorta maybe dumped the clutch in front of town hall a few days ago but I wasn’t really paying attention to the gauges

    3. tuesday answer is….due to most (older) motorcycles having the speedo driven off the front wheel, then usually 0mph, however……..
      it can all be worked out from the tacho, i know that 100kmh was 4000rpm on my old GSX1100 Suzuki in top gear so therefore the night i pulled a top gear burnout to 10,000rpm the back wheel was spinning at roughly 250kmh (or a touch over 150mph for those so inclined)
      however i’d like it to be recorded here and now that it was neither clever nor funny having to ride 250 miles home the next day on some very worn canvas that by that stage was hanging out the middle of my (until thn brand new) tyre

          1. I figured the C4 wheels were a long shot but didn’t notice the bolt pattern until after I posted the picture. I never would have guessed the donor was a Dodge Colt, though.

    1. I bought a Honda XL75 off a guy with a Pao and a 2CV, in Edmonton no less.

      I sure wish I was more into cars then, and had asked him more questions…

  1. I’ve noticed a disturbing habit here in Springfield lately. Almost every day, I see people jaywalking on the busiest streets in town. Night, day, doesn’t matter. Yesterday, I almost clipped a guy who was darting across heavy traffic; he was standing in the middle of the road, surrounded by cars. Insane.

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