Last Call- Island of the Dumb'd Edition


It’s either one-way and none of these customers could wait, or else these are the kind of folks who are disappointed that the Brightness control on their TV doesn’t seem to make them any smarter.

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  1. I'm surprised they could all stretch the hoses across. At a lot of stations these days, the hoses won't reach all the way across a vehicle. I've even had problems some places with cars that have gas fillers in the center rear, if I don't pull up close enough and right in line with the pump.

  2. Dumbass article… its probably at Costco, where they have one way lanes and extra long hoses. Plus you can clearly Look at the picture and see the arrows. Whoever saw this as article worthy is stupid

    1. Madness aside, if it is build like that and American cars do have the fuel cap on their left hand side – like their Japanese brethren – then it is a dumb piece of infrastructure. Article headline justified.

    2. Yeah definitely is costco. one of the few place that allow you to pump from either side.

    3. Those hoses are meant to be used on either side of the car. If you didn't notice the top part retracts and the part with the squeeze trigger can rotate omnidirectionally.

    4. Definitely Costco. Once I backed up to a pump at Costco (there were long lines for the lanes with the pump on the correct side for my car, and I did not want to stretch the hose across my trunk), and the old guy manning the pumps almost had a stroke.

  3. If the hose reaches who cares? I've actually done that w/ the Challenger. Fleet Farm was busy that day, all the pumps w/ premium (recommended for the 6-speed R/T's engine tune) were occupied but one "wrong side" pump, and there were lines of other people waiting for what were "correct side" pumps for them or for me… why leave it unutilized? I may even have started a trend, I saw someone else "wrong side" filling some forgettable CUV at that same pump when I was exiting the carwash.

        1. That would work for the KV, but it was built with a deliberately undersized filler neck to discourage direct use of a fuel nozzle anyway, as a reminder that the fuel must be premixed with two-stroke oil.
          It would almost work for the HMV but the door is on the left side.

          1. From the UK, I still find RHD drive strange. I feel comfortable in my LHD cars.
            I blame Napoleon

        1. My PT Cruiser has it on the right rear, my Corvair has it at the left front. Sometimes this gets me confused.

      1. My 240s did, as did my 850, as does my Saab 900. The 740, though? Nope, that was on the left. When Volvo set out to make an American car, they made an American car.

  4. If necessary I just get tail-to-tail with the other vehicle and back up as they drive off. The hoses around here won't reach to the far side.

  5. OT: Getting limbered up for the 24hr race. I have the Blackmore spotter guide printed out, the Radio LeMans on the iphone, a laptop with live TS (Audi has a free app that looks good for that too), GT5 loaded with a GT40 to run LaSarthe and already watched McQueen LeMans to get in the mood.
    Last year my son made it to 3 or 4 am. He knew he couldn't last so he asked me to wake him every 15 minutes to catch up.
    I love this race.

  6. That's where a 1980's Jaguar XJ6 would come in handy (filler on both sides), or a 1970's AMC Hornet (behind rear license plate on later models).
    If one thinks a hose stretch is bad, they haven't seen enough gas station shenanigans. I shall forever recall the G37 owner pulling away with the hose (right/passenger side of the car). If that wasn't enough of an embarrassment, the owner then got out and proclaimed "oh no, not again!" Way to acknowledge that you are a rich (… er than me) person who bought the car for a stereo (that Bose really was good) and badge, not as a driver.

    1. My 72 Cutlass had the filler behind the plate too. When full-service was not yet a rarity, I was always amused to pull up & have the confused pump jockey ask me to pull around to the other side. Happy to oblige, I would. Some of 'em just cracked up when they realized where the filler was, but a few got kinda surly.

      1. An attendant once came close to tearing the rear plate off my brother's '57 Chevy out of a belief that the filler was behind it. Fortunately my brother noticed and stopped him as he was prying on it. Admittedly the stock location is tricky, disguised behind a flap built into the left fin, but the guy at least should have noticed that the plate was mounted on the trunk lid….

      2. 78 Coupe de Ville is the same. I'm guessing it make for a roomier trunk by keeping the filler neck out of the trunk and rear fenders.

  7. Having grown accustomed to hoses that will reach across a vehicle, I was once caught looking quite the fool, as I pulled to an unoccupied wrong-side pump at a station. The station was packed to the point where there were lines of cars waiting for the left side pumps, and I pulled forward into a right (wrong) side pump, and tried fruitlessly to reach my filler with the ridiculously short hose.
    I then sheepishly replaced the pump nozzle, and drove off to the next service plaza, because I certainly didn't want to fuel up where everyone had just seen me make such an error. Fortunately, I had enough fuel to make it to the next station.

  8. Did I just hear the Le Mans announcers say Jason Bright is in this race? Best of luck if so!

  9. This whole discussion seems alien to me. I can't remember the last time I went to a filling station where the pump hoses weren't long enough to reach either side.
    It seems, er, rather obvious. World; catch up!

    1. In the US (where we're the best at everything) the hoses have nearly all been shortened, in order to prevent people from driving over longer hoses that haven't retracted properly or been stowed correctly. Since it costs money to replace damaged hoses, they stay in service until they burst and sometimes cause fires. Makes for wonderful news footage.
      Similarly, most self serve stations in cities no longer have the filler handle tab that keeps the pump flowing until you've filled up. Our nozzles are all dead man switches.

  10. I was driving behind a car the other day with the gas tank door open and gas cap dangling down.
    People, check your goddamn gas tanks and put the filler cap on before you drive off!

  11. Whoever made this is dumb. This is at Costco; I work at Costco gas. The hoses stretch out and reach. They can even go over a full size cube van. What's stupider are the people who think the hoses won't reach and even insist on arguing with me saying they know better.

    1. While I agree that Costco makes you do this, doesn't Costco think that I don't really want a black hose draped across the roof/window/fender of my car, potentially breaking off my radio antennae and/or leaving black marks?

  12. Stupid Trotskyites with left wing fuel fillers ! Every good patriotic American should have right side tank access on their guzzlers. I blame it all on dear leader and his minions meddling in the car industry. Watch them blame this on global warming next. The drones in DC should stick to what they do best : political corruption and influence peddling.

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