Last Call- I'm Glad You Cleared That Up Edition


Considering the ramifications of being misidentified in certain caste systems, it does seem important to ensure the rightful establishment of your position in society. That’s the likely reason the owner of the above Corolla used the traditional tape and rattle can method of making sure his or her ride isn’t misconstrued as something that it is not. At least, that’s the only explanation I can come up with. 

Image source: ©2013 Court Demone, All Rights Reserved


      1. This actually takes me back to my days spent in a Taoist Monastery where I learned a great many things.
        In order for some cars to be great, some cars have to be ungreat. Such as described in the first verse of my very own
        Car Te Ching:::
        The Corolla that can be told, is not the eternal Corolla.
        The Corolla that can be named; is not the eternal Corolla.
        The Corolla is both named and nameless
        As nameless it had the origin of all things RWD;
        as named it is the Mother of at least 39 million bland things.
        Ever desireless, one can see the Corolla;
        ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations (SR5, Sprinter, AE86, etc.).
        And the Corolla itself is the doorway
        to all understanding
        of how fucking dull life can be.

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