Last Call: I'd like to be 1 in a 100 Edition

Audi 100 coupe
I think it pretty much goes without saying that the original Audi 100 Coupe S was a highly underrated beauty. It’s a shame we didn’t get them over here.
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Image: Tumblr

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  1. BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ Avatar
    1. Alff Avatar

      Good to see you here.

    2. Sjalabais Avatar

      I see a fair bit of OSI 17M also… or is it the other way around?

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    A 3/4 front view of a stanced to death, shiny rimmed anything will look good.
    Correct ride height, some possibly bias-ply tires, poop colored paint, shot from behind on a drizzly day and you have a kind of tubby Datsun B210. Neither are terrible looking cars.

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      Nah, gimme less stance, real sidewalls & stock – or simpler/less shiny – wheels & I’m smitten with the 100. The Datsun’s A-OK too, poop-coloring & all.
      Rubber band tires can suck it.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I think this actually looks better…
    And if you want low profile tyres,do it properly, with plus size wheels and useable ride height.
    Don’t forget the other two door version.

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      That last one, in sexy mocha? Rrrrrowrr! Best looking Neue Klasse ever built by Audi…
      Edit: the lovely blue one still needs more sidewall.

  4. Alff Avatar

    I think it goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it, just in case) that despite the nails reliability and amazing hp/displacement we are not living in the golden age of the automobile. When did that happen? YMMV, but it’s damn sure not here in the age of ubiquitously grey and black palettes, inorganic creases to disguise girth and at the bleeding edge of autonomous vehicles. Who will Make Cars Great Again?

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      Orange looks great on auto bodies. On faces, maybe not so much.

    2. Krautwursten Avatar

      Is this the point when we’re supposed to chant TRUMP?

      1. gerberbaby Avatar

        Do most Yurpeans have pity on us in this crazy political season? Or is it great fun to watch from a distance? Or just fear?

        1. Batshitbox Avatar

          The United Kingdom is a little distracted by their own lunacy. They’re pretty sure they’ve got a little of whatever we caught.

        2. Sjalabais Avatar

          Entertainment that swiftly turned to fear the moment the establishment understood it wasn’t entertainment. Europe has had its share of xenophobic idiots; Hungary, Poland, France, Austria and more a sliding to the ugly right, and the Netherlands used to be an open, welcoming country. Even Norway has a partly brown-populist coalition government.
          To make a screeching turn back to cars: The clown party here in Norway (“Progress Party”) is part of the movement of exorbitant election promises that so efficiently destroy faith in politicians. Two of them were “Swedish” (i.e. lower) gas prices, and toll free roads. I can’t get anywhere without paying tolls, and their third year in government has netted a new record for number of toll roads and overall toll income. So my guess is that was their stint at governing…a bit like Nigel Farage getting out of the game once he has broken the toys.

        3. Krautwursten Avatar

          It would be funnier if it didn’t have as much of an effect on us since the American federal government is largely a borders and foreign politics agency. But it’s entertaining nonetheless, not lastly because of the hilarious attempts to force Hillary as the one that’s not evil in our media.

    3. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      – the Hellcats
      – Ford STs and RSs
      – Ford generally (i’m fanboi’n on Ford so hard these days)
      – turbo everything all the time
      – small cars generally
      – Tesla P85D (and i’d argue every Tesla, but that’s a polarizing subject amongst car people)
      just as with every election season (and maybe this one especially), we should never forget our tendency to view the past through rose-tinted glasses. for every Galaxie 500 there were fifty dumpy-ass Falcons with negative horsepower and suggestion-based brakes. for every Eagle SX4 there were a million early-’90s Explorers filled with stubbed-out cigarette butts, light bulbs with the bottom cracked off, and aspiring rollover death victims. we look at all of these cars, the good and the bad, through the eyes of Nostalgia. cars are better now.

  5. CruisinTime Avatar

    Woof Woof……….

  6. CruisinTime Avatar

    I told you dumb bastards to slow down…..

  7. Batshitbox Avatar

    This is some singing.
    When you can take a song I’ve been hearing on the radio and in my head since the ’70s and make it sound like I never knew the song… I mean, Aerosmith c. 1985 was my first big arena concert and I’m still floored.

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      That was great! Definitely adding them to my ever-growing list of bands I need to investigate further.
      Lake Street Dive has some amazing singing (& playing) too:

      1. Batshitbox Avatar

        Postmodern Jukebox I’m not too thrilled with. Their shtick (bunch of jazz musicians, all dudes, rearranging pop tunes with a rotating cast of female singers; typical boys’ club) gets stale quickly. I’m not sure if their version of Gangsta’s Paradise is supposed to be a parody of white people co-opting black culture, with all the passion removed and the edges rounded off… but that’s what it sounds like to me.
        I peeped some tracks from Morgan James’ tribute album to Nina Simone, but not too many of her own songs yet. I like that her covers don’t just imitate the originals, which seems to be a failing of Postmodern Jukebox. Is it the line between a re-make and a cover?

        1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
          dead_elvis, inc.

          Hmm, I’ll take your assessment of PMJB under advisement. Morgan James, though… quite a voice. A stellar cover can re-imagine the original like your post, or pay homage without straying too far (Dylan’s Buckets of Rain, as done by Neko Case).

    2. NapoleonSolo Avatar

  8. JayP Avatar

    Mid-weekend MT82 update – installed Blowfish shifter mount.
    Car transformed.

  9. Scott McIntyre Avatar
    Scott McIntyre

    Don’t take this the wrong way….but I see ALOT of Opel Kadett in that. Tell me I’m wrong after you look here –>

  10. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Handsome car. Bad respray and work. Unfortunate tire and wheel choices. Reminds me of an Alfetta, which ain’t all that bad.

  11. DougD Avatar

    Jensen interceptor anyone?

    1. Rob Emslie Avatar
      Rob Emslie

      Yes please.

  12. William Robinson Avatar
    William Robinson

    Are these rare or desirable? Because I’d like to bring one into Canada. Have liked the body because of all the it reminds people of, I see a bunch of cars I love in the body of this thing. Hate the stance look of this one but it can be forgiven because I wanna do nasty things to make it work as good as it looks…

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