I’ve been seeing posts about this leak floating around my Twitter feed so I thought I would give my two cents about it. What has been claimed so far is that the new 86 is set for a 2021 release. It is also rumored that it’s going to get a power bump to 255 ponies. That honestly sounds great since this is one of the least satisfying cars considering how fast it looks. Plus, the engine bay has so much empty space it’s been begging for a small turbo for years.

Even if it’s getting a 50 hp increase that still won’t be enough for a good majority of buyers. It’s a great candidate for an engine swap since the stock one is so puny, so I have no doubt that people will continue to LS, 2JZ, hell Ferrari 458 swap them anyways. Which is fine, because hey, do what you want. But unless it gets an actual small turbo that lets people tune it without having to buy a whole kit, I don’t think it will feel much different. What do you think?

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