1. Here is as good a place as any to ask. Maybe three years back I saw a funny photo of a bug eye sprite parked on the grass probably at a car show. I saw the photo on some online car forum. Flanking it were two attractive women. The expression on the sprite was was priceless, it's a funny photo, I wish I could find it again.

          1. I Suck at these pun threads so I Squeeze my brain trying to find some humor and Bang my head on the desk only to Blow out a crappy comment like this.

          2. I wish I could enrich this pun thread, but I don't have any idle time right now to think of any. Sorry, gotta jet.

          3. Nah, these pun threads are always a gas! But if their appeal is getting lean, just have a pint and relax. I'm sure there's something good and rich on draught. (Apologies to labcoatguy — you beat me to that last one.)

          4. I think we've reached the Zenith of this pun thread, Solex stop before we flood poor hoonibble's little engine.

          5. You're going to have to Carter me out of here kicking and screaming before I stop. Anyway, I think hoonibbles is Stromberg than that. It'll take whatever we can throw at it.

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