Last Call- Fit and Fiddling Around Edition


This poor little Honda Fit EV depleted its batteries. Not wanting to be left out, the Challenger in back is attempting to deplete its rear rubber.

Image source: ©2013 Hooniverse/Blake Z Rong, All Rights Reserved.


  1. For the record, the wind was blowing the tire smoke forward like that.. I'm not in reverse.

  2. go home drunk challenger, you don't have regenerative braking and it won't charge the fit…

    1. Bah, hit the thumbs down, when I meant to tap a little to the left. Sorry about that.

  3. Obviously BZR was circling the empty parking lot in an attempt to drain the battery of said Fit EV, for if he were actually testing the car it would have lost power on the road.

  4. That image alone sums up the hatred toward hybrid and electric vehicles on car sites.

  5. Related? A few weeks ago I was leaving a local restaurant parking lot with my wife. Two "bros" were sitting in a Challenger R/T, so on a whim I lit the front tires of my 89 Taurus SHO up and left all kinds of rubber in front of them. Wife was suprisingly quite amused instead of chiding me.

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