Last Call: Drunk Decisions Edition

There’s only one acceptable explanation for having bought an old Range Rover…
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21 responses to “Last Call: Drunk Decisions Edition”

    1. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
      dead_elvis, inc.

      Good ol’ Dorf!

    2. kogashiwa Avatar

      There’s also the old classic, Pontiac Grand Ma. Can’t seem to find an image now …

    3. Batshitbox Avatar

      I’ve seen an XTerra modified with an SE badge, thus

      1. dukeisduke Avatar

        I’ve seen older Sentras rebadged as Sextras.

    4. 0A5599 Avatar

      Back when Merkur was trying to be a thing, my dad took the Y of the MERCURY badge on the trunk of his Sable.

  1. spotarama Avatar

    and if you re-arrange the letters of a Valiant Regal you end up with Latvian Lager, which is no bad thing

  2. spotarama Avatar

    also yesterday brought , in the post, mrs spottys first ever (25 years of driving) speeding fine, roadside camera just round the corner from home (where I know they are always sitting) $250 and 2 points on her otherwise blemish free licence
    oh how I nearly laughed but luckily caught myself in time, went outside and had a good old snigger
    I would have told her about the regular setup areas for the cameras but she claims she never speeds anyway so why waste my breath………..

    1. 0A5599 Avatar

      Rollovers cause ⅄פɹH┴Ǝ˥

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    Somebody on BaT said that you never can ride through snow that’s deeper than bumper height . As annoying as I am, I had to find these seven year old photos of when we used our long gone Corolla as a snow plow:

    1. Lokki Avatar

      Uhm – explain again WHY YOU LIVE THERE please? If you like the look of fields covered with stuff, there are other places which offer other colors…..

      1. CraigSu Avatar

        At least the landscape is right side up where Sjalabais lives.

        1. Lokki Avatar

          That picture was taken in Australia, silly

      2. Sjalabais Avatar

        I’m passionate for hide and seek, and sunflowers just don’t work well for that.
        (Picture taken three years ago on a mountain pass nearby)

        1. Lokki Avatar

          The horror, the Horror!

          1. Sjalabais Avatar

            Life’s not supposed to be too easy.

  4. P161911 Avatar

    Well, I got to witness a real live WorldStarHipHop style road rage beat-down/fight yesterday. Two guys in an old beat up Dodge Avenger decided to take the name of their car seriously and ending up fighting in the middle of a 6 lane highway with two guys in a Toyota Yaris. There was one fight going on in the Yaris and another in the middle of the street. I was in the car right behind. I did call 911 and probably stayed around and watched longer than I should have. Apparently they all got back in their cars and eventually went on their way, they passed me again a short time later. The Yaris was closely following the Dodge. I have a feeling it wasn’t over yet.

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    Strange news: PSA is not just sniffing out Opel, looks like they’re going for Proton, too. In a joint bid with Geely, the plan apparently is to make Volvo and Lotus two very different stepsisters.

  6. Hatchtopia Avatar

    I once saw a Nissan Sentra of early 90s vintage that was re-labeled SEX-E using all factory pieces. Still makes me giggle a bit thinking about it.

  7. Scubie Avatar

    Strange Rover Range Rover
    There was a similar (4 wheeled) version that I used to see in Auckland, NZ…

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