1. I'm sure. A couple years ago, I was tempted by an otherwise normal looking Subaru Legacy wagon on Craigslist that was formerly used for mail service. For $1500, it was almost worth it to own for a while just for laughs like this.

        1. There's one that races lemons. A 1990 legacy with an AWD drivetrain swap. It's postal themed and named, Junk Male.

        2. If I ever get a RHD vehicle I will get a spare steering wheel and insist the passenger wave it out the window while I weave about on the road.

      1. First thing I thought of – tons of people at the Tim Horton's I worked at opened their doors to pay/pickup their merchandise.
        Although to be fair, my own window regulators work very badly once it gets down to -30C or so, almost to the point where the window willgo down almost immediately, but take ~4 minutes to roll back up.

        1. That's nothing. Below about 10°C my windows will crack if I try to open them. (Soft half-door uppers. The clear Vinyl and zippers like 20°C+ best.)

          1. Heh, there are two types of vehicles I wouldn't want to drive in Northern Saskatchewan – OG Beetles and True Jeeps(C).

            Though still not from where I live.
            Some day someone else from here (in this case, south east Sask) will show up and it'll be sweet.

          3. Southeast, eh? I'm actually just outside of Toon-town. Southeast makes you…the opposite of Frontier?

          4. When I think north I think LaRonge and that kind of place.
            In my case when I say south east it's probably more east than south, and since there's no sense being too mysterious about it (mostly since it's pretty easy to figure out, I am incredibly easy to stalk) I'm in the Yorkton area.

        2. Early-80's GM B-bodies were like this from the factory. Window down time…'bout 7 seconds. Up time? 30+.

          1. Yeah, last winter my Suburban showed that when it hit -20C or so – windup time was measured in geological epochs.

  1. A friend of mine once pointed out that all bicycles are folding bicycles; what you really want is an un-folding bicycle.
    In the same spirit, this wag is just out to prove that all cars are rear wheel drive cars, when driven properly. Or the driver is a deaf mute. Or really doesn't trust the driver of the GMC.

  2. Tims has crack in it and once yer hooked youll do whats nessary to get yers. I recently bought their brewer and kicked my drive thru habbit.

      1. And its hot not luke warm like some other makers at the same price point. Im lookin at you mr. coffee.

  3. I always swore if I bought a RHD I'd do this. Then I saw a guy in a Pulsar gtir do it at the local Tim Hortons with his 5 year old son. I declared him father of the year.

  4. I did that once as my passenger was very particular with her orders and I didn't feel like either repeating it or getting shouted across. The guy at McDonalds threatened to call the cops. Jerk.

  5. This guy needs to find a Tims with a window on both sides of the building. One of the great joys of the Delica is using the almost-always-empty right window drivethrough lane.

    1. The Tims near my old job was one of the two-window units, so I'd frequently use the emptier lane (even without RHD, my cars were always small enough to reach across). It was still usually quicker, but you always knew it was the B squad put on that side.

  6. The Arby's where I grew up used to have it's drive through on the wring side, so you had to have someone with you or shout over to the passenger side. And this was back when power windows were not yet ubiquitous. I backed through once just because.

    1. In some countries where they drive on the left but have a fair number of US-market cars on the roads, drive throughs are set up for RHD, but they put your order in a tray attached to a long pole, so they can pass it through your passenger window.

  7. I did that years ago. The thought process went something like this … I'm too drunk to deal with the cashier and only my passenger wants to eat. It's a miracle I survived my teen years.

  8. I *totally* did this at the neighborhood Timmy Ho's when a lady passenger required a latte. It made her all turbo giggly. Mission accomplished.

  9. Back in the mid-80's, while I was in HS, a then good friend would do this with his '77 Rabbit.
    Only, however, if I, being on the passenger's side, was the one ordering/paying. We liked different fast food joints.

  10. For all those I see who can't get through one of these going forwards, and there are a lot, I'd say that's damn talented!

  11. We did this once in a rear-engined Skoda. The friend driving the Skoda didn't need anything, so it was a better idea to reverse through the drive-in so I could get the burger myself. And the engine was pointing forwards, anyway.

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