1. Tag love:
    I heart your dauter too- and I heart you not finding that out
    That very nearly caused Pepsi to squirt out of my nose.

  2. My ads to the left are hooker boots and bejeweled stilettos. So much for small town values.
    And I don't even think it's appropriate to blame Charles for this one.

  3. at least it doesnt sat Daughtry…
    also, Mecum post coming tomorrow.
    Not the whole story, but an update…if you were watcing on TV, I was on TV for the majority of one of the vehicles sold.

    1. "Thank God for Mississippi!" is a common refrain around Arizona when we find that we're ranked 49th in education, and second in teen pregnancy, teen drop-out rates, and per capita incarceration rates. Makes Texas look downright progressive…..

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