Last Call- Don't Come Knockin' on My Garage Door Edition

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the Garage Owners Anti Corn Bread Association, and their yokel affiliates.
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  1. SirNotAppearing Avatar

    Oh I wasn't talking to you, Mister Postman. I still wants mah Woot shirts delivered. Them fellahs crack me up every time.

    1. name_too_long Avatar

      Hey, don't knock the Woot shirt, they make up the majority of my wardrobe.

      1. SirNotAppearing Avatar

        Heh, I'm wearing the velociraptor riding the bicycle right now.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    He's threatening I'll be Phil Esposito?

  3. coupeZ600 Avatar

    Several years ago when my boy was in First grade at a new school my wife and I were called in for a conference with his teacher and the school counselor. They knew him well and we were all friends, so when they said it was just a perfunctory procedure that legally had to be done and he wasn't in any real trouble, we were greatly relieved. They made him come in and asked him, "What did you say to ***** on the playground yesterday?"
    He sheepishly replied, "I've killed and eaten 99 men, and I'm going to make you one hundred!"
    After he left (and he knew he was in Big Trouble) we all kind of laughed and asked, "Where do they get this sh*t from?" It certainly wasn't from any movie he watched at home. Is that a line out of some movie that another kid might have seen?

  4. dculberson Avatar

    I don't even remotely begin to understand what the hell he means by the corn bread comment. Do people keep trying to sell him corn bread? Aggressive corn bread marketers? Door to door, they get a foot in and next thing you know you need to kill 'em and bury 'em behind the shop. That's okay, you needed another concrete floored shed anyway. Though people are suspicious that you have six already.
    And is the "UPS" marking pointing at his dumpster? I wonder why he would order stuff just to throw it out. Must be really wealthy.

  5. Mr_Biggles Avatar

    I'm a bit confused. Maybe the owner doesn't want his/her butt to get bigger? Over at Yahoo answers, April was hoping cornbread would make her butt bigger…but not her thighs as they are apparently big already.

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      That reply about the padded pants was comedic gold!

      1. Mr_Biggles Avatar

        Oh, and they exist. A while back we got a cheesy flyer in our mailbox advertising, among other fantastic items, those exact undies. The caption reads "Booty Pop: Get the panties celebs wear". Who knew?

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