Last Call: Dead in Bed Edition

Man, the drought out west is really bad. It’s even affected this guy’s lawn.
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  1. It’s important for both parties to understand foreign accents when you ask someone to “glass-in” your bed…

  2. So I was looking for something new to watch via streaming and settled on FX’s “The Americans” which is set in the early 1980’s. The premise is fun, KGB agents trying to gather intelligence while looking like normal US citizens at the height of the Cold War, and the production team obviously tried to get period-correct cars… but then they keep killing my suspension of disbelief with cars that either are just a little bit too new by a few years (aerodynamic styling, CHMSL’s visible in scenes with traffic), if not having scenes where 1990’s thru 2010’s(!) cars are clearly visible in frame.
    …maybe I need to go back and finish watching “Roadkill” on Motor Trend & Hot Rod’s Youtube channels…

    1. Agreed – it’s obviously a bit too low-budget to get everything right. But the cars are pretty prominent and season two sees Mr Jennings buying a Trans-Am to realize his American dream.
      Other shows are worse. “Wayward Pines” is one – quickly “fixing a valve” on the roadside on an Audi Allroad for instance. Supposed to be very fake, but they just overdid it.

  3. This…thing has ended up here, in far corner of Europe. Looks like it has been streched in US and then someone has decided to buy it, rented a sea container and paid maybe $2000 for transport.
    Seems to have Polish plates, but I’m not sure as blue EU ribbon on the left has been changed to EST, but plates most. def. isn’t EST. Really strange specimen.

    I’ve solved the confusing meaninglessness of alphanumeric car badging. Answer: say it as a word. Say it as a word using a a bad Italian accent and it really works! Try it!
    Mercedes “Sielkei”. That just slides off the tongue.
    Audi “Ahressix”. Ooh, sounds good and agrressive.–_10-30-2009.jpg
    Cadillac “Ceetias”. Heck yeah.

  5. How does Magnus Walker have such a well-greased propaganda machinery? Is Porsche paying for all his appearances? The guy is everywhere over the car web, in magazines and even papers. I figure some other collector would have more to say…even ubiquitous Leno.

    1. I don’t quite get it neither. It’s not that he discovered that the 911 was a cool retro car, and he is not the only one who is pouring ridiculous amounts of money into rebuilt oil coolers (Singer and Rau Welt Begriff spring to mind : to german ears, the first is a sewing machine and the latter Google translate gibberish, btw. ).
      He is intelligent and to many, interesting to look at – especially in Europe, where a certain professional success is tied to conformity, to a certain degree. This explains to me why he’s getting that amount of attention, as he functions as a quasi-exotic maker of exclusive luxury goods.
      When he bought and modified a water cooler. (924, iirc) all the FB pages were like “ooh, he is blessing our car now!” From what I’ve seen, the car was formed in an unusual direction (more a Japanese futurism from the 80ies, opposed to the more common sleek, clean shiny racing design done by most), which is cool, but I doubt that people will pay Walker money for a 944, where a pristine example can be had for 911 wheel money. On the other hand, he is rich enough, and I like that he is doing his thing now, not in 20 years after “retirement”.

      1. Yeah, I don’t have strong opinions on him, dislike him or anything. It’s just that he’s celebrated so massively…maybe there’s a chance to revive car culture here, because he is one of few in this generation and with such a self-made success really embracing cars. Pretty nerdy, basically just one type, but that’s what I hope for in positive outcomes. Inspiration for others.

        1. I think you mean …. .. / …. ..
          The Morse code for hi hi is one of the first examples of what’s now “emoticons”. Listening to the sound of “hi hi” coming over the speaker sounds like giggling, especially at higher pitches. It was used to convey joviality to a message in the same way internet BBS posters used strings of punctuation 😉

          Add that to your file of nifty, almost completely useless factoids, pull it out at a cocktail party and impress no one!

          1. Sounds like you and I collect similar interesting, esoteric and relatively unhelpful bits of life. Nice to know there are others out there. 🙂
            Related only because you probably know it already–do you know what the Hawaiian good luck sign is? No one in my office did without the Googles.

          2. If it’s not the thumb-up-pinkie-out hand wiggle so popular among surfers, which means more ‘hang loose’ than good luck, then I’m all out of ideas.
            There’s a new Hawaiian restaurant in my neighborhood, though. This is relevant to my interests.

          3. When the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans in 1968, they took photos of the crewmen to show the world how well-treated and contrite their prisoners were.
            Those prisoners, though, were flipping the bird at the photographer. When asked what the gesture meant, they told their captors that it was the Hawaiian sign for “good luck”. Those silly lunatics believed them and released the pictures to the world.
            This became a fun little ritual among track team friends in college. When one of us’d head off to our event, the others would give him the finger and yell “Good luck!”
            Use it sparingly if you’re going to go to this restaurant often.

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