Last Call: Connect Four Edition

Can you find a favorite?
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
Image: RetroRides


    1. Foxy Rabbitruck! Rando pic to show off the wheels, or do you know this example personally?

  1. If anyone wants to drop a set on me, I have period correct uses for a set of Watanabes and some APs or Meshes with gold centers.

  2. The simpler the better, so Enkel Baja* or Weds Albino for me, please.
    *”Enkel” is actually Norwegian for “simple”.

  3. Nothing in my stable has 4 lugs. However, from the photo above … row 2, 2nd from left, BBS style, silver / gold and row 4, 4th from left, BBS style, silver / blue would be my favs. Wheel selection is, however, as much dependant upon the vehicle it is decorating as it is personal preference.

    1. Are these from the same manufacturer that did the original Ferrari Daytona wheels?
      There was a copy wheel here in Australia originally intended for the Falcon GTHO Phase IV (that was cancelled), and later featured on the Falcon Cobra. Not in 15×10″ size though!

      1. There are two companies that produced these wheels for Alfa – Cromodora and Campagnolo. The Cromodora Daytona is the original wheel – called that because the design was supplied on the Ferrari Daytona and it stuck. The Campagnolo is perhaps best known for it’s alloy racing bicycle components.

        1. Thanks – not the wheels (or product) I’d first associate with either company! Cromodoras on Fiat 124s etc were one of the first factory/option alloy wheels around, in a couple of different styles.

  4. I know it’s not smart to take pictures while driving, but coming into work during the fall occasionally is a very calming and beautiful start of the day…without that being related to work at all:
    Going from the fjord to the mountains usually means leaving the fog behind to find the forest dressed in clouds, with the weather behind showing through. I’m inclined to stop and take in the sight every day, but I never do.

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