Last Call- Come For The Puns, Stay For The Wieners Edition


 You know, I love clever paronomastic business names. Places like hair salons named Curl Up and Dye, or flower shops called The Lone Hydrangea. This Gravois Mills MO restaurant and inn on the Lake of the Ozarks however, gives me pause.

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Image source: Imgur


  1. If you're going to hang a name like this on a Missouri business, you'd better be prepared to live up to the state motto.

    1. I've learned that whenever I think "It looks sort of familiar, but wrong somehow" it's inevitably Australia.

        1. Don't forget, they drive on the left.
          It's all about signage (language, metric or imperial units, landmarks…), driving side, and scenery, in that order.

    2. You've stolen hours from my future.
      I demand recompense, preferably in dark foreign beer.

    3. 24555, I am a… person who had the good luck to have three places with signs that said exactly where they were. Italy and Japan were guesses though.

  2. While that part of Missourah is beloved by many in these parts, to me "The Lake" is a collection of runoff from poorly installed septic systems and discarded sex toys. Yep, you can google both of those points.

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