Last Call- Claim Your Ferrari Edition

Insert Obligatory "That'll Buff Out" comment here.

See that 2005 612 Scaglietti up there? No, that’s not Roger Ebert’s new car (oh, I’m going to burn in hell for that one), it’s a Ferrari that had an unfortunate run in with some Brazilian hardwood. Now, the driver was rescued from the damaged car and was taken to the hospital. He, however, was not the registered owner of the car. That turned out to be an unidentified corporation, which, when contacted, denied any record of ever owning it. So, if you want a slightly bent V12 GT, you might want to jump on a plane to Brazil and claim this one for yourself. Check out the news article (in Portuguese) here.

Image source: [] Thanks to BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ for the tip!


  1. Unfortunately, knowing my country and its people, for the guy to run away like that and the corporation deny ownership of the vehicle is a clear sign that this Ferrari wasn't acquired by traditional means.

  2. I still say a Cobra or Daytona Coupe from FFR or Kirkham would be a fab app for a Ferrari or Maserati drivetrain, plus it would make the Ferraristi squirm. I know of at least one Ferrari salesman who would agree about the first point.

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