Last Call: Choose Wisely Edition

Most Millennials won’t get this joke.
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
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36 responses to “Last Call: Choose Wisely Edition”

  1. Papa Van Twee Avatar
    Papa Van Twee

    Millennials at least had 6 speeds growing up.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      I had a six speeder as my first car… unfortunately it was in this:

    2. caltemus Avatar

      Nope, I’ve never had more than 5 in any car I’ve owned and I’m 22.

    3. wunno sev Avatar
      wunno sev

      27 here and i currently own qty 1 each: 4spd manual, 5spd manual, 6spd manual.
      it’s very confusing to switch between them. when i go from the 4 to the 6 i keep shifting from 2nd to 5th.

      1. Papa Van Twee Avatar
        Papa Van Twee

        All I meant was when I was young (i.e. 80s) there wasn’t much that had a 6 speed option. Maybe the Corvette and some German sports cars. Nowadays you can get a 6 speed on a Corolla for crying out loud.
        Now get off my lawn! 😀

  2. 0A5599 Avatar

    Burt got prison.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      I think the white/black lane stripes work better, anyway. The black makes it pop.

    2. Vairship Avatar

      That’s unfortunate. Paint stripes tend not to be successful in getting Facebook drivers to focus on the road again.

  3. nanoop Avatar

    Employer is sending me to AZ (just south of Phoenix) soon. What to do, I have a 3-day weekend to spare and have a rental car. I’m aware of:
    * Lots of mesas, various short (1-6hrs) hikes around.
    * Grand Canyon is 5hrs north, not sure if I’ll go since it probably deserves more than just three hours visit. Or does it?
    * Sedona – I just have to take a photograph of me at the city sign, holding a copy of Forza and making a long face. Also, nice nature to look at, maybe instead of Gran Canyon?
    * Tuscon, 2hrs south, has an airplane museum with an SR-71, a Titan rocket silo open for public. Two car museums will be closed when I’m there.
    * Las Vegas: should I take a look, or will it spoil the gorgeous impression I have from both “Fear and Loathing” and “Diamonds are Forever”?
    * Kitt Peak Observatory – they have night events, I hear.
    Any suggestions to a European Hooniversalist with a humble record of Atomic Toaster comments?

    1. I_Borgward Avatar

      South of Tuscon, I’d check out Bisbee, AZ. A cool old mining town, a great place to look around and stop for lunch.
      And, if you’re feeling really adventurous, not far from Bisbee is Douglas, AZ, border town and home of Art Car World, something of a museum for retired art cars of note (call ahead):


      1. nanoop Avatar

        I’m not quite sure about the art car thing, but the town sounds interesting!

    2. theskitter Avatar

      I think Las Vegas represents what the rest of the world thinks all of America is like. If you like to drink and gamble, have at it. If not, awful and terrible.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        We have drinking here, too, and some gambling if you’re looking hard. I’ll probably skip it, several people described it as “remarkable” at best.

    3. hwyengr Avatar

      If you’re okay with the drive time, Grand Canyon is worth a visit even for a quick glance. You don’t need to hike down to the river for the full experience. Plus, on that drive you get to see the incredible changing scenery of Arizona as you start in the desert, then climb into the mountains and through a national forest into Flagstaff. The drive IS long, though. Natural splendor never seems to be convenient to civilization.
      Vegas and Grand Canyon could be a two-fer, but that’s the whole weekend and it locks you out of seeing anything around Phoenix. But you’re in luck. There’s nothing to see around Phoenix.
      If you do stick around town, Scottsdale is for the frat boys who never grew up, Tempe is for the rest of the collegians who never grew up, and the rest of Phoenix is a monsterous retirement community with really wide streets.
      If your employer is buying your meals, absolutely be sure to check out Durant’s in central Phoenix. And make sure you enter like everyone else, through the actual kitchen door. Amazing steaks.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Nothing around Phoenix?
        As I could learn here, there is “The Bob Bondurant School of High-performance Driving in Chandler, AZ”.
        Well, not for me, though.

    4. Batshitbox Avatar

      If this three-day weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, that’s this weekend coming up, don’t even try to do the Grand Canyon! Otherwise a three hour visit will be fine.
      Plus, Arizona is where classic American cars go to escape the ravages of Father Time, so the whole place is a car museum. I would think a few side trips to large specialty junkyards would be fun.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Not that weekend, one month later. But junkyards is a great idea! We don’t have those like that here, and maybe I can get a few instruments I could convert to clocks, such as clocks.

    5. Hillman_Hunter Avatar

      Skip Las Vegas, it’s ugly and depressing.
      Just a glimpse of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim is worth the drive.
      There’s also a Planes of Fame air museum just south of Grand Canyon Village that has General Douglas MacArthur’s Lockheed Constellation on permanent display (if you’re not an aircraft nerd, skip it).

      1. nanoop Avatar

        You and @theskitter:disqus seem to agree how LV will appear to me… consider it dropped.
        I am into aircraft, but only in a shallow depth. If I had the same level of enthusiasm for cars, I’d say I consider learning to drive stick, I know 16V is a good thing for an I4, and I hear those Audis have crazy timing belts…. But I’ll check whether they have an event going while I’m in the vicinity.

    6. caltemus Avatar

      GO TO PAGE, AZ!!! its a great basecamp point, close to arches, grand canyon. Horseshoe bend is a ten minute drive down the road. Lower antelope canyon is amazing. I was out there for work on lake powell and I cannot recommend the area enough.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Yep, took a look at some pics, this definitely made my shortlist, thanks!

    7. mdharrell Avatar

      “Tuscon, 2hrs south, has an airplane museum with an SR-71…”
      The Pima Air & Space Museum does indeed have an SR-71 but they have so many other wonderful aircraft that I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. To repeat, it had slipped my mind that oh, that’s right, they also have an SR-71.
      If you have enough interest in aircraft to list seeing the museum as a possibility, then by all means you should see it. Allow plenty of time, as the collection is expansive.
      Or, to put it another way, a geologist is recommending this to you in preference to the Grand Canyon.

      1. hwyengr Avatar

        Does being a geologist explain why you love cars that move at a glacial pace?

      2. nanoop Avatar

        OK, Page and Pima then, somehow. I have to figure out how the driving distances actually are, but a Phoenix-GC-Phoenix-Tuscon-(sleepover in Bisbee?)-Phoenix trip seems to manifest.

    8. nanoop Avatar

      You folks are fantastic, thank you!

  4. Fred Talmadge Avatar
    Fred Talmadge

    This boomer doesn’t get the joke either, but that may be senility setting in.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      Minor traffic offense: county jail, a.k.a. “in county” or just “county.”
      Major traffic offense: state prison.

      1. longrooffan Avatar

        Thank you Sir.

    1. CraigSu Avatar

      Impromptu Mystery Bike/Car? Name the make/model of both the car and the bike.

      1. Victor Avatar

        1957 Webley-Vickers bike and 1993 Holden 4 door.

      2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

        Hmmm. Not much to go on there. Maybe Kawasaki Z800, but the headlight doesn’t look quite right. I think the most probable answer is something like a GSX-R or FZR that’s been custom modified into a naked streetfighter.

        1. CraigSu Avatar

          I’m going with a Lada Riva for the car. As to the bike, definitely Japanese make and now the model is スクラップ (Sukurappu).

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